Book 1 of The Legend of Korra Coming Soon to DVD

Once in a blue moon we actually do get Legend of Korra news. This time, however, it has nothing to do with Book 2. But no matter, any solid news is always welcomed since confirmed updates don’t usually come by that often. Earlier this month, we received a trailer that confirmed that the Book 1 DVD set will be released “soon”.

There is no word yet on an exact date for Book 1’s DVD release, but I’m fairly confident that it’ll be released by Christmas.

If you still have not scene all of The Legend of Korra episodes and you are too anxious to wait until Christmas, you can always view them all in HD for free right here on this blog.

Here’s the trailer Nickelodeon released for the DVD set:

15 Responses

  1. Oh my god! I was just looking on Netflix today to see if they had LOK book 1 yet, and they didn’t; So, I went online and searched for info on the DVD release, but came up empty. Then after I got all disappointed, tonight I get an email about this new thread! Thanks for the confirmation, you just made my day! 😀

  2. Thank goodness for DVDs thanks for informing us!

  3. sure, literally two seconds after i finished downloading the rest of the season on iTunes you tell me, that’s just the universe’s way of saying “i hate you”!

    • Ahh, I wish I could have published a little sooner. Sorry about that, maybe you could ask for a refund?

      • its cool if i get an ipad I’ll probably will be able to watch on that, does the ipad play HD videos?. i heard that they were going release the soundtrack for ATLA and LOK have you heard anything about this yet? one of the creators said on his blog that he was annoyed they weren’t out yet. all i know is that right now the soundtrack is on you tube right now

      • Haven’t heard anything about the soundtracks, unfortunately. I’d LOVE an ATLA soundtrack. As yes, Ipads will play movies/videos in HD.

  4. awesome thanks

  5. No blu-ray :'[ I…I can’t watch LoK in 480p it’s BS!!!

  6. DVD is nice and all but what about the people who prefer blu-ray?!?

  7. i hope they make more of those super deformed cartoons in the future for the DVD extras like they did for book 2 of ATLA, they’re hilarious! it would be great if they brought Amon back to life for occasion and we could see some silly chi blocking or blood bending, “why are you hitting yourself?, why are you hitting yourself?,why are you hitting yourself?” :3


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