Community Opinion: Are The Legend of Korra Books Too Short?

Welcome to the first official Community Opinion post. As you’ve probably already noticed, I have not been posting relevant news and opinions on this blog as frequently I as I have done in the past. Part of the reason behind this is that news and opinions regarding Book 2 are starting to go dry.

Coming up with general speculation about Book 2 is fairly easy, but coming up with speculation that is good enough to share with such a great community is very difficult. Every single one of you deserve the best, so I have no intentions of feeding you implausible material that doesn’t represent my best work.

That being said, in order to continue to post plausible material that keeps the community entertained, I’ll need your help. In “Community Opinion” posts, I will start a topic, and then it will be up to you (the Community) to take a position on the topic and talk about it in the comment section below. Hopefully if everyone participates, it’ll create a community discussion board for others to read and, hopefully, join in as well.

I will still posts opinions and news as much as possible, but in order to get through some dry spots, I will turn to Community Opinion posts.

Now for the topic:

Books 1-4 of The Legend of Korra will contain episode counts between 12 and 14 episodes. The Last Airbender’s Books had episode counts that ranged in the 20’s. Part of the reason why the Books feature a smaller episode count is to ensure that filler episodes are cut out.

So what do you think: Are The Legend of Korra Books too short?

I’ve already stated my opinion on this topic a few months ago, so it’s now up to you to state your opinion on the topic. Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. I will update this post with some of your opinions as well.

34 Responses

  1. Well, I for one think they might be a little short- we HAVE to have some episodes that will at least five us a good lead up to the finale but if you think on it, a filler episode here and there like in the first series wouldn’t hurt.
    I love the idea of the community opinion and don’t worry- Bryke will give us so information soon like the trailer, some art, some hints, and an air date otherwise they are going to loose some viewers because we are going to think they have up on us! Great post, as always:)!

    • Agreed. Fillers are the types of episodes I really missed. They just made the show more likable and made the characters seem a bit more real.

      • Yeah, it’s like the only filler episode on Korra was “The Spirit of Competition”. So, I hope they do some fillers for character development and just overall the fun of it.

      • I really need to re-watch the series. I couldn’t tell you what that episode was about even if my life depended on it.

  2. I agree with you, AdminAvatar, on the fact that this number of episodes is too few. This season was very rushed and felt too serious; filler episodes would be awesome and would make it less tense. I do understand that they are focusing on an older audience now, but I’d like a little more goofiness in the show. That’s largely what made ATLA so much fun!

  3. There are few episodes but I do understand why they would do that. LOK is very different from ATLA.

  4. Great idea and topic.
    I liked the filler episodes, just because they made ATLA more fun, and also created a lot of character development you don’t always get with purely plot based episodes. I can understand why Mike and Bryan decided to do it this way, especially seeing as Nick originally only gave them 12 episodes. Hopefully they’ll get a series in the future with ~20 episodes.

  5. I think that the episodes are to short but even though they are short they still some up very well and is very entertaining. I personally think that it would be allot more better if we didn’t have to wate so long for book 2.

  6. i can understand why they would want the seasons to be shorter, they can be a pain in the neck to animate and filler episodes are either really great or REALLY bad! this series will only be 9 episodes less than the original series. they said it was also to pack as much as they could into each episode, rather than have only 1 important thing happen each episode we get 4 important things each episode which makes it less boring if you ask me. korra can’t afford any episodes like Great divide “we could go over it”… if we do get filler episodes i hope it will be one like the ember island players

    • Most people didn’t enjoy episodes like The Great Divide, but I loved them. It strayed away from the plot, but showed a different side to the characters. We saw the LoK characters in the face of danger, but we never saw them truly enjoying themselves for very long. The series just didn’t feel as fun as it probably should have.

      • That’s funny, the first thing I think of when it comes to a “filler” episode is also “The Great Divide”, haha. That’s one of those episodes I think they could have just cut out and it wouldn’t have mattered at all.

        It’s interesting. I thought both LOK and ATLA were awesome, despite the differences. I think maybe that ATLA had too much filler while LoK was simply too short and by extension too fast paced.

        I think we need to be careful what we consider “filler” though. ATLA had a lot of great episodes that weren’t connected directly to the main plot, but still had significance. Zuko Alone, comes to mind, I liked that one and think it was useful to have as part of the story (these kinds of episodes are what I would have liked in Kora – maybe one that showed Mako taking care of Bolin when their parents died as a way to help show how he became the way he is).

        However, I would categorize The Great Divide as filler, it didn’t have the same importance to me as Zuko Alone and some of the other side stories. There were a few other episodes like this in ATLA.

      • i loved the great divide, it had great brother and sister moments 😛
        well for the person below me, lot of people think your eps is a filler too, so they didn’t want it made, i agree some episode i don’t like, but the more the greated character exploration, that is what korra lack. THe plot suck, the character were one demensional, and the moral behind everything was ifffy. Mako cheat but get to date a god, korra is a bf stealer, amon get beaten because he use paint that was washable, and he a bender? lin lose her bending , for what 2 min of sadness, then whoa everyone is caught, how, was there a third airship, Korra season one was okay, and i bet season 2 will be the same, only 3 and 4 might be better in character development and plot

      • @Ult11 You make a really good point. Even though ATLA had filler, most of those episodes still developed the plot. LOK should look into doing something similar with just a little less filler.

    • the great divide taught people should work together and that telling a lie is okay if you want to help people, and i found out aang love egg custard 😛 Next you will say the “avatar roku episode” was bad, i loved all the filler, and the filler give us more depth in to the character background, while in korra everything was one deminsional and at the end everything was rushed. How was tenzin and his family caught? what a bad writing!

    • yeah x, amon story was written badly, and he a bender, that was just to make the solution for “team avatar 2.0” easy, hey guy he a bender, he a liar, the end. they didn’t solve anything

      • I don’t agree with regards to Amon’s story. I think in many respects it’s a social commentary on revolutions and their leaders. Sometimes, the leader of a revolution/movement is made out to be a savior/hero, when in reality they are often seriously backward.

        Hitler is an example. Just like him, Amon built up a serious cult of personality; he was practically worshiped by the equalists, when in reality the entire revolution was constructed on a false premise. I thought it was a really good story because Amon’s revolution really has some merit. There were benders who were extorting and manipulating non-benders. The story is great in that shows how a good cause can be hijacked by a radical leader and driven to the extreme.

      • I actually thought Amon’s story was well written, but the way they presented was really rushed. They could have spaced it out a bit and presented it a little better.

  7. i agree with most of you that it is too short i like the extra episodes of the last airbender!

  8. If anything, i feel like the season was rushed but, it wasn’t even supposed to run any longer when they initially started right? I thought for what was supposed to be a mini series it was good and maybe since they have so many more episodes come out, everything will be much better constructed and the characters will have a real chance to blossom. I really hope well see Aang again, at least some more than i think twice when it came to actual dialogue. Also, i hope there are even more flashbacks from where the original gang left off in ATLA. Either way, I’m very happy to see more bending and everything Avatar related in the future. I think Book 1 was only the start and who knows, maybe these Spirits who are supposed to be the bad guys will pose a more sustaining threat that just for one season. Avatar Rules 🙂

  9. i really dont like the shorter books because they cause me to start to dislike the current series in favor of the original avatar. The shorter books may put more tension on the series, but it just doesn’t feel like Avatar

    • I can see what you mean. The constant tension has taken the fun out of the series that was clearly abundant in The Last Airbender. I think I’ll blog about that later, actually.

  10. LoK has brought more wonders and enthusiasm to its viewers. Though LoK has a fewer episodes than AtLA, that is the reason why many viewers are really anticipating for the next book and its episodes because there are several unanswered questions. If LoK will have the same path with the previous one.. It will be just the same old Avatar series. Well that’s how LoK has an impact to me. Still Both Avatar series ROCKS! 😀

    • i agree with you, i am happy to see a totally different plot and set up, a lot of squeals fail because they were the exactly same as the series that gave birth to it. i had a favorite manga series that did just that, the squeal was an exact photo copy of the first series and i hated it because of this!!! i was really disappointed in the series the first time i watched the finally but then i watched it a second time and thought “oh duh that makes sense!”. both ATLA and LOK are both the type of shows you need to see more than once to fully understand. the reason i was so happy the season was shorter was because if i heard one more Amon theory out of anyone i was going to ram my head through the wall! ( i was ready to do just that by episode 8, imagine if i had to wait another 10 weeks to hear it!!) maybe if they made it 16 not 12 things might have gone better.

  11. Hmmmm… after reading through this post i feel like i must comment!
    True LoK is failry short and tends to come off as quite crammed… But then again there is a lot of plot to squeze in to only 12 episodes! All in all i think its a really good boildown.
    About the seriousness of the show i feel i must remind all of you the Korra i reasonably grownup compared to Aang, who is only 12. Lastly i think that X, is right about the differences in the show! It would be very unoriginal to anymore of ATLA than they allready did….

    oh and i just love the steampunk feel and the 30’es soundtrack 😀

    Peace Love and Pastrybending from Denmark!!!

  12. I do not think the books are necessarily too short, I just don’t think that the creators know how to manage their time with the 12 episode format. They knew in advance that they only had 12 episodes to work with. Yet, they had a bunch of unnecessary stuff like the annoying love triangle that resulted in a ton of character derailment. If your story is about social unrest, then you don’t really have the time for annoying romance melodrama. Instead, the main plot should be the main focus and you shouldn’t have entire episodes devoted to forced romance. If they did have any filler in book one, I would have preferred more focus on Krew friendship because right now I barely feel like they’re friends and that they were all just forced to work together because of extenuating circumstances.

    Having a season/series the length of Book One can definitely work. There are plenty of excellent animes that are the same length as Book One. For example, there’s “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” (PMMM) and “Another”. PMMM is a dark deconstruction of the magical girl genre and “Another” is a spooky horror anime. Neither of these shows felt rushed in spite of them being the same length as Book One of “The Legend of Korra”. That’s because the writers for these shows were well aware of their time limits and didn’t add in random unnecessary stuff or tried to cram in a bunch of plot points in at the last minute. There are other examples of good series with this time limit that didn’t end up being rushed. Hell, PMMM even had a love triangle in it, but it was actually relevant to the plot and didn’t take up lots of screentime.

    So, the notion that 12 episodes is too short a time to write a series/season isn’t true because it is possible. The writers for LOK just didn’t know how to manage their time properly. It may be better for them to use the 20 episode per season format since it does seem to work better for them and it was very successful for A:TLA. However, since many other people can write excellent 12-episode series/seasons the “But only 12 episodes” excuse is pretty flimsy.

  13. Most definitely too short, you are getting about half the episodes from an ATLA book. There really isn’t much else to be said. So far, this has led to choppiness in the usually crisp and perfect character development by the writers. We needed to get to know Mako better, because he still looks like a dick from what I could tell, and Bolin, he needs a gf after getting cheated on,yet, this was played off as a minor detail! Something needs to be done for Bolin, so I don;t start hating the writers’ guts!!!

  14. Definitely too short for me. The original series was so great partly because of the time it took for character development, some of which took place in ‘filler episodes’. Filler episodes may have been some of the low points in Book one, but in Books 2 and 3 they often provided breathing space for us to know characters better (like ‘Zuko Alone’ and ‘Tales of Ba Sing Se’). ‘The Ember Island Players’ was, in my opinion at least, another great episode despite technically being ‘filler’. Maybe it’s because I love good meta-fiction, but I loved how the episode was a chance for Mike and Bryan to poke fun at themselves, their story the entertainment industry and to speak to the fandom more directly through the series itself.

    Book 1 of ‘The Legend of Korra’ showed that, while not impossible, Mike and Bryan work better and get more out of their characters with more episodes, even some filler. The whole love triangle phase was too rushed and led to more character derailment (Mako in particular came off looking like too much of a jerk) than development, so cramming it in in such a small number of episodes along with everything else did more harm than good.

    So I’d say some filler episodes would have been better as long as they could be devoted to much-needed character development.

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