Book 3 and Book 4 of The Legend of Korra Will Likely be Connected

The biggest knock I have on The Legend of Korra so far is the fact that Books 1 and 2 are not connected. For some reason, Nickelodeon Studios decided to green-light 12 episodes of The Legend of Korra, then order 14 more episodes after the first Book proved to be successful. This forced Mike and Bryan to develop the Books separately, causing each one to essentially be stand-alone.

Book 1 of The Legend of Korra covered the story of the Anti-Bending Revolution, while Book 2 is expected to cover an unspecified plot dealing with Spirits.

If Nickelodeon Executives allowed Mike and Bryan to work with 2 Books in the first place (like they should have), Books 1 and 2 would’ve most likely been connected. This would have made Book 1 feel less crammed since many of its plot elements would have been carried over into the next Book.

But even though Nickelodeon undoubtedly made a big mistake by ordering these Books separately, they seemed to have redeemed themselves when they ordered Book 3 and 4 together.

Mike and Bryan wrote Books 1 and 2 as solo Books because they could never assume that they’d get the opportunity to continue a single plot throughout several Books. Now that Nickelodeon finally decided to give them 2 Books to work on at once, Mike and Bryan will have the opportunity to create a plot that covers two Books rather than one.

This opens up a lot of new opportunities for Mike and Bryan simply because they’ll have full creative freedom when it comes to writing the last 2 Books.

Giving Mike and Bryan more creative freedom during the course of Books 3 and 4 will undoubtedly make expectations high. But past history has shown that expectations generally tend to be broken.

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  1. It looks like Korra is going to deal with a different villain or challenge in each season like “24”. Some plots are going to continue through the rest of the seasons.

  2. Ugh! if only nickelodeon gave them more episodes in the first place! then Amon maybe could have stuck around longer or at least help form the next plot a little more!

    • Yeah, I’m really disappointing in Nickelodeon. Did they really expect The Legend of Korra to be a disappointment? It just shows their lack of trust in Mike and Bryan. Dumb move by them.

      • now this is the main point, was it nick only wanted 12 episode or mike and bryan? because from all the interview they stated they wanted a mini series(more condense and fast pace with less filler) but if that the case we can blame them for the bad finale in korra 1. But if they only saying that to cover for the nick people not trusting in korra for 20 eps then we know that nick is a bad company 😛

      • If Mike and Bryan wanted a mini series only, Nick wouldn’t have ordered 3 more books. I looks to be Nicks fault.

      • well the point is did they want a mini series or was nick to cheap and afraid korra wasn’t going to be good? but hey korra became on of it most popular show, so it getting two more season isn’t supirsing 😛

      • by worrying it would be a disappointment they MADE it a disappointment!!! why are people like this!? WHY?!

      • and nickelodeon wonders why they lost 20% of its viewers…

  3. I think you should keep in mind that TV series aren’t always carried by the popularity of their predecessors. Yes. ATLA was incredibly popular, but Korra was a whole new series, with an almost entirely new set of characters. Looking at it from Nick’s perspective, many people might not have liked the idea of a new show, and would have preferred the continuation of ATLA (which Mike and Bryan didn’t want to do). Sometimes a spin-off series can spark the outrage of old fans, creating the potential that a new/spin-off series could be a flop, and so Nick probably wanted to test the waters with the first season. Imagine if the first season hadn’t worked out and Nick already had ordered 3 more seasons? That’s a pretty big risk.

    Sometimes, when a show is successful, it’s best to just leave it as it is and not try to keep making more and more of it. I think a good example of this is the Pokemon anime. That was unbelievably popular when I was a kid, EVERYONE in school watched it and talked about it every day. Did you know that the show is still going? Yeah, the producers kept making new season after new season, and it’s become somewhat stale. It doesn’t have the popularity it once did. I think this is why Mike and Bryan decided to give ATLA a set end, no more new seasons after Book 3.

    Turns out though, that the writers did a great job with LOK. They really were able to please both ATLA fans and draw in new fans altogether. That gave Nick the confidence to order more of it. Plus, I recall Mike and Bryan saying that they always “allowed for the possibly” to continue the story, so perhaps the books 2-4 will be more connected than people think.

    • book 2 was close to finish before a season 3 and 4 was announced. so chance are they won’t be closely related. And i do know that a chance of a new show getting popular is very low, thus a mini series might had been given to the writer for season 1. and yes i know pokemon is still going on, i don’t live under a rock.

      • Don’t think you have to live under a rock to not be aware of it. A bunch of my friends (we all watched it) have asked me, – what ever happened to Pokemon? They seemed genuinely surprised that it’s still going on.

    • Good argument. Personally, I expected LoK to be up with par with ATLA so I was somewhat surprised when Nick limited Mike and Bryan. But I can see why Nick would limit them just because fans may not be as satisfied with a completely new series.

      • One other thing I’ve noticed is that Mike and Bryan themselves seemed much more open to having fewer episodes. This wasn’t just Nick’s doing. They said they preferred having a short first season, it allowed them to get more directly involved in writing each episode and allowed it to be more “fast paced” and they could get rid of some of the fluff.

      • That’s true, but that doesn’t mean they were necessarily all for having individual plots for each Book. That was the main issue.

      • i am both excited and terrified to see were this series is going , over all i am happy that this sequel happened, but half the audience is complaining about how it got “messed up” they might not watch next season just because of the first few episodes, a lot of the criticism Korra is getting seems kind of unfair or just doesn’t make sense. Also how it ended with Amon and Tarrlok i could not believe they went down that road, one part of me is thinking “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH please never do that again!!!” the other is saying ” yeah let’s see more messed up stuff like that next season!!!”

    • well the fuff was what made atla great, korra on the other hand has lousy plot hole and easy ending. The enemy is a bender and that the solution, the bad guy lied. mako a cheater get to date two hot girls. it show how bad the two creator are at writing a whole season. in atla there was a bunch of writer, TOPH was created by the head writer, the creator didn’t even like that idea, and TOPH is now one of the most favoite character in atla.

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