Happy Halloween Legend of Korra Fans!

Every year the Nickelodeon Animation Studios spook up their building for Halloween. This year, The Legend of Korra made the cut.

Even though I’m a Senior in High School, I still plan on going Trick-or-Treating this year and I am very excited even though Hurricane Sandy left the East Coast extremely cold and wet.

Anyways, Happy Halloween! Be safe and don’t eat too much candy (yeah, right).

5 Responses

  1. And happy Halloween to you! Shadow People happy to hear you are well and safe after Sandy!

  2. Holy Shitake! You’re only in highschool? Amazing. Oh man, there are a lot of advanced creative young minds out there. The way you dissect this show and present updates in a journalistic manner, I thought for sure you were in college or a graduate. Well, I really appreciate your site. I rate it as the best LOK blog out there.

    • Thank you very much, that really means a lot!

      I’ve actually been blogging for several years now. I think I started in like 7th grade. I was pretty bad in the beginning, but I’ve definitely improved since then.

      I know it’s a cliche saying, but if you put your mind to it, you really can do anything.

    • tim that really isn’t funny :/

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