Voices Acting for Book 3 of The Legend of Korra has Started

When Seychelle Gabriel tweeted that she was reading the first script of Book 3 of The Legend of Korra, I hadn’t really looked at all the possibilities. I assumed that since the first script had been completed, revisions would be the next step in the process. But the term “first script” can mean many different things.

“First script” can also refer to the first episode of Book 3 since it would technically be the first script involving Book 3. And if you look at it from a voice actor’s point of view, there are only a few reasons why one would get a copy of the script at all: to ready themselves for a recording session.

Because Seychelle Gabriel has already received a copy of the script, I think it’s safe to bet that the voice recording for Book 3 has started. And just to pile on more evidence, I should mention that Janet Varney (Korra), P.J. Byrne (Bolin) and David Faustino (Mako) utilized Twitter last night to hint at this possibility as well. Their feed was rather comedic:

When I first read the feed, I assumed that the crew was simply screwing with the fans. But after reading it over again, the message seemed different in a way. It felt like the crew was genuinely trying to send us a hint.

But I guess it couldn’t hurt: Seychelle Gabriel made it fairly obvious that something was up when she deleted the tweet about her reading Book 3’s script. Just another voice actress to add to the list of actors who can’t pull off a cover-up.

But outside of all this trolling and pun usage, we can safely confirm that voice work for Book 3 has started. These tweets are a strange but valid confirmation from the voice actors/actresses themselves.

17 Responses

  1. Here’s to season three!!!!


  3. AdminAvatar could you make an artical about the next villian, The dark spirt? or did you not hear about it yet?

  4. ehh just wait until the show come out

    • what do you think i’ve been doing? rasing hedge hogs?

    • Not sure exactly what you mean by just “wait”, but this is the kind of news Avatar Fans want to hear. It seems like you’re implying that we should stop posting these Twitter News articles, and just wait for the show. If that was the case, blogs like these would be useless – except they’re not.

      • well it just seem like you guys/gals go crazy over small stuff, i waited 3 year for avatar, so 7 month isn’t that long anyway.

      • I understand what you’re saying, unfortunately, this little things are all we’re going to get for some time.

        Gotta let people get excited over somethings, even if they’re small.

      • fine 😛 i understand, the worst thing about this is still aren’t that many people are avatar fan, i tried telling people but they keep on not accepting. 😛

  5. Admin, I think you might be interested in the filling article about M. Night Shyamalan: http://screenrant.com/the-last-airbender-sequel-m-night-shyamalan-benk-67760/. You should check it out and maybe even update your previous article about him.

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