DiMartino: Book 2 of The Legend of Korra Will Contain Some Aspects of Book 1

First off, I’d like to apologize for not posting for a little while. After covering The Legend of Korra constantly for so many months, I needed a short break to rejuvenate myself and come up with good, speculative content to post during this ‘off-season’.

About a week ago, Michael Dante DiMartino (co-creator of The Legend of Korra) held and interview in which he let a few more Book 2 details slip. DiMartino was asked about Book 1’s season finale, and whether or not it really tied up all loose ends. This was a very valid question mostly because, since the finale, many fans have been trying to prove that Amon is very much alive.

DiMartino’s response was rather interesting:

We designed it [Book 1] to have a really clear end to it — that it could go on, but if this was it — if this was all we got to do with Korra, you would have a satisfying end to the story. But we got more episodes, which is great, but we built it so that Korra has — she’s got aways to go, you know?

DiMartino is basically saying that if the Nickelodeon canceled The Legend of Korra after Book 1, fans would be satisfied with the ending because it was supposedly meant to be a clear resolution. However, the fact of the matter is that Book 1 “could go on” if they got more episodes. Obviously, with Book 2 of The Legend of Korra scheduled to release some time next year, it’s clear that Mike and Bryan did get more episodes.

So does this mean Mike and Bryan will ensure that Book 1’s plot line does “go on” during the course of Book 2? Surly Book 2 will have its own plot line regarding Spirits, but will it also wrap up some of Book 1’s loose ends? Mike DiMartino already admitted that Book 1 has loose ends when he said that the Book could have gone on.

Is Amon really dead? Did the Equalist Regmine abruptly end upon the supposed death of their leader? Was their any kind of resistance formed? Did benders and non-bender begin to live in harmony?

These are a few of the questions that we still don’t know the answer to, and they’re all aspects of Book 1 that need some clearing-up. Obviously, if Book 1 was all there would be of The Legend of Korra, the answers would be: Yes, Yes, No, and Yes, respectively. But there still will be a Book 2, 3 and 4. Thus there are a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up. Based on how I’ve read this interview, I think Mike and Bryan will start tying them up as they continue some aspects of Book 1 into Book 2 of The Legend of Korra.

18 Responses

  1. The idea that Amon is still alive is kinda growing on me since everyone started thinking on it…. Maybe this time he will come back twice as powerful- now that would be cool! Oh yeah, and don’t let taking a break bother you- you really needed it I’m sure!:)

  2. I don’t think amon is still alive but it is possible. I do think that amon knew his brother was about to kill them. But I don’t know if that will be able to matter if he really is dead.

    • Agreed. Amon is almost certainly dead. Bryke didn’t mean for fans to speculate further. They wanted it it be a clear resolution. But they’ll have to spell it out in an episode to convince the fans otherwise.

      • I mean there was a huge explosion! Nobody is walking out of that alive.. or swim at least.

      • online i think i saw what looked like some of the eposode tittles for book 2 one them was “tears are falling” korra is problay getting some bad news in that eposode

      • Would you pretty pretty please with sugar on top send me a link?

      • i was listening to a LOK podcast a while before the finally, someone sent in a letter saying they did research on the name Amon to find out some clues. they said that Amon was the name of an Egyptian god, the story goes that Amon the god rose to power but shortly after fell to his doom, and did Amon of LOK fall to his doom or what. One of my friends said that they wanted that seance to be tragic and if Amon somehow survived it wouldn’t, the second time she watched she actually cried. i want to cry just thinking about that seance 😦

    • i’m with you on amon knowing his bro was going to kill him, that was one sad tear 😦

  3. there was a mushroom cloud guys i don’t know how they could have made Amon and Tarlok’s death any clearer for you, only Amon’s luttenit could survive somthing like that

  4. wouldn’t korra want a rematch with Tarlok? which she’s clearly not getting, …now i’m dispointed too. not to meation they need a new consalmen, bet you $100 that the job will be like the defence against the dark arts job at hogwarts. they’ll get the boot at the end of every season

  5. If Anon is back, it will other character playing that dark role; if so either new character or an old character character playing that dark role…

  6. it would be cool if the 2 of them could show up once in a while in flashbacks, but they won’t really serve much purpose anymore being alive. the one thing i want to know is who lost their bending to Amon first, i doubt it was lighting bolt zolt Amon wouldn’t risk going up in front of his supporters and then having to say “uh Huston, we seem to have a problem” he would need to test it on someone first and how did he figure out to use bloodbending as a substitue for engerybending?… and how did he survive that snow storm as a kid?

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