Is Bolin Severely Lacking Character Development in The Legend of Korra?

One of my favorite characters so far in The Legend of Korra has to be Bolin. He’s funny, entertaining and he’s fairly a talented Earth Bender. Unfortunately for him, that’s all he really has going for him so far, which makes him the very definition of a one-sided character.

Like Sokka, Bolin is responsible for a good chunk of the humor in the series. But if you recall the character development Sokka underwent in The Last Airbender, he was much more than the “funny guy” by the end of the series. He became dynamic: he was funny, intelligent, skilled with a blade and a natural born leader.

Bolin currently lacks the traits that would make him a dynamic character mostly because his character lacks character development. But like I have constantly reiterated, this should be expected as we’ve technically only scene him in 11 episodes. Nonetheless, I still expect Mike and Bryan to develop Bolin’s character significantly by the end of Book 2.

How Mike and Bryan decide to develop Bolin is really up in the air. Will they make him a leader like Sokka? Or will he take on the laid back role and let Korra, Mako or Asami lead Team Avatar? Will he become a Master Earth bender and utilize the arts of Metal Bending? Or will he utilize Earth Bending in the arts of Pro Bending?

Bolin is a special character in that he can take on any paths in terms of his development. He can be anything Mike and Bryan want him to be, and it’ll ultimately make sense in the end.

But when it’s all said and done, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done on Bolin’s character. Maybe showing the death of his parents could provide that jump start in character development that we’re looking for? But I am fairly confident that by the end of the series, Bolin will be much more than the “funny guy”. His character has so much more to offer that I’d be surprised if Mike and Bryan waste such a precious opportunity to introduce a character with so many dynamics.

So is Bolin severely lacking character development? I wouldn’t go as far to say that he’s lacking development ‘severely’, but he is lacking development in ways that can make his character a bit flat and predictable at times. But of course, we shouldn’t be complaining about that for very long.

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  1. I would say, don’t worry! I bet Bolin is going to rise on the character scale this season so much it’s unbelievable. Maybe he’ll join the metal bending police or even the Untied Forces- you never exactly know !:)

  2. I think that there is no reason for you or Kelly to apologize it was a opinion and no one has the right to belittle a opinion. The only right as readers we have is to state our opinion. Many ppl disagree over things but they should take responsibility and say I think ….(insert opinion)… And that’s it. There is no reason to fight. And it was not your fault and you or the opinionated have nothing to apologize for. The only ones who need to apologize are the ppl who take others opinion to heart!

    • how many times do we have to tell you that if you don’t have sufficient evidence backing up your argument, it’s going to make some people upset you making wild theories up. Not to mention the fact that the author made her makorra shipping bias pretty clear and brought up dirt old assumptions of Asami being evil based mostly on her appearance? sexism ahoy!
      but no, let’s portray Kelly as a victim of silencing. And here I thought we were talking about free speech. People didn’t have a right to respond or critique the article? My bad.

      • Im not saying you can’t critique. If you disagree fine you disagree but that doesn’t give someone the right to accuse some one of sexism or racism or profiling. Freedom of speech goes both ways. If you have the right to say your opinion so dose the other person as many say lets agree to disagree. Or as I say let people’s opinion be heard. If you disagree with something on that doesn’t mean you should say hurtful things. If someone were to say hurtful things to you would you apologize to them. I was saying that the writers don’t need to apologize for stating what they thought. You are free to speech as you wish but consider if you would want to be talked to like that.

  3. This is why I feel like Amon is not dead, Maybe because of the explosion he knew was going to happen he was crying because he wouldn’t have his brother their foray his side anymore. Maybe Amon himself was able to waterbent ice or somehow protect himself from the explosion. What do you think about this?

    Also, here’s when I assume If this theory is true he will show up again:

    -At the end of season two- like literally the last few seconds leaving a major cliffhanger for all of us since the season on ending was such a wrap up.( not that I have anything against the ending )

    – in season four maybe all the previous villains will team up and not only overtake Republi City, but also the whole world team avatar has to take back.

    Jut my opinion. What do you guys think?

  4. Is it okay if I talk about some of your speculations on my channel of course I would give full credit and give the link to the article but I would give my opinions on the topic.

  5. Why you no update for so long? Sorry, couldn’t help it. But for reals, its been almost a week! I’m always looking hopefully for a new update. I’m sure you have a good reason, though. Oh, and this was an excellent post. Really enjoyed it.

  6. Loved Sokka, want to love Bolin. I just need to get to know him a lot better. Also, justice needs to be done!!! Bolin was a much better bf than Mako and he at least needs a gf, if not that fine Korra. She is probably everything a guy looks for in a girl personality-wise.

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