How will Lin Beifong Fit into Book 2 of The Legend of Korra?

Despite being the daughter of Toph, Lin Beifong didn’t come off as very likable in the beginning of The Legend of Korra. She came off as extremely rude from from the start, but quickly began to change for the better towards the end of the Book.

One action that I found to be admirable from Lin was when she resigned from being the Chief of Police in order to take actions that the law wouldn’t have permitted.

She became the vigilante of Republic City that Batman was to Gotham City. She’s not the type of character who would lurk in the shadows and throw Batarangs at her enemies, but she was someone who would undoubtedly protect her city as well as what she believed in.

For that reason alone, Lin Beifong went from a character who was rude and unlikable to a character who could truly be admired. As a result, she started to become a fan favorite. Unfortunately, I don’t expect to see much of Lin  in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra.

As we all should know, Book 2 of The Legend of Korra will not be as focused in Republic City. In fact, Mike and Bryan have already mentioned that about half of the book will be outside of Republic City. Provided that Lin Beifong does stay true to her role as the vigilante of Republic City, I don’t see her packing up her belongings and traveling along with Team Avatar. I see her staying in Republic City to ensure that order remains stable.

For the longest time, Lin Beifong was the Chief Officer of Republic City. She resigned from her duties in order to save the very men that helped her protect the city. It’s almost unimaginable to think that Lin would simply pack up and leave the very city she has protected for years.

There is no doubt that Lin Beifong will have some sort of role in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra, but based on my thought process thus far, it seems that her role will be limited to the time that Korra and gang stay in Republic City.

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  1. Very true! I’ll miss Lin when she’s not there though- she’s one of my favorite characters! Great post!

  2. I think so to it seems she’s taken after her mother. alot the last airbender was lighter in that sense though. It didn’t get very rough until the last book but toph when we first ment her was very rigid and pushy but a few episodes later we loved her as the fun sarcastic amazing bender. I think you right. But I hope we get to see more of lin

  3. Wait a minute… Wait a minute…. WAIT A MINUTE!! Since the last episode of the Last Airbender was entitled ‘Avatar Aang’ the last episode of Korra could be called ‘Avatar Korra’!!! Am I the only one noticing this….?

  4. Have the benders gotten stronger over the last 75 years? Now it seems that every single firebender can fly at will/ bend lightning, every single airbender can make a tornado and every waterbender can do bending as good as if they were in a full moon

    • Good point. Unfortunately the creators never really talked about that so we don’t really know. I may blog about that later, thanks for the great topic!

    • It’s true. And I think it makes a great parallel with the real world too. Just as an example, when you compare the athletes from 70 years ago to those of today, modern day athletes are much more adept at what they do. And I think that’s what Bryke were trying to achieve with Korra as well.

    • well tenzin is a airbending master (the only one) but for the rest i agree the strength/ certain skill has increase but the lost of spirituality and imagination with bending is really bad 😛 like how every fire blast is a regular punch etc 😛

  5. While we’re on the subject of Lin Beifong, think of all the things of why we haven’t seen her father, The Duke! Maybe in the time of Yukone Toph was pregnant with her and maybe The Duke was filling in for her while she was unable to do so and while he was, part of Yukone’s army killed him, leaving Toph and Lin too sorrowful to talk about him much no matter how tough they might be,

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