Descendants of Sokka in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra?

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Sokka of the Southern Watertribe: easily one of the most beloved characters in The Last Airbender. Older brother of Katara and good friend of Toph Beifong, Firelord Zuko, and past Avatar Aang. Sarcastically funny and goofy. A man who fought with his trusty boomerang.

These were the aspects of Sokka that we were introduced to throughout The Last Airbender. But one aspect that we are still oblivious to is his possible children.

Where are his children? Did Sokka and Suki even have children? Did their children have their parents’ grandchildren? In my opinion they did. But where they are now is a mystery to me. Maybe Korra and the gang will run into them during Book 2?

If the Mike and Bryan do decide to put them in Book 2, maybe Bolin’s love interest will be a beautiful, charming granddaughter of Sokka and Suki? Or maybe Sokka and Suki’s potential grandson will end up being Asami Sato’s love interest? A ruthless and courageous man who has inherited a boomerang would be an interesting addition to the new Team Avatar.

Only time will tell if our favorite character’s descendants will be shown in book 2, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait.

8 Responses

  1. WOW!!! GREAT JOB!! I totally agree with you- maybe the descendent a will be present!! Please write more- you’re a great addition to this blog!!

  2. i want a azula and sokka son/daughter relationship, so then we have a super smart grand (boy or girl) who can use powerful firebending and the SPACE sword yeah 😛

  3. if they did have kids they would be Tezin’s cousins so maybe we will find out soon


  5. I want another Sokka back!!! If his descendants were like that, that would be awesome! Or if Bolin turned into a good equivalent I would be fine, but so far, Bolin has lacked the character development to know.

  6. I’d most definitely like to see Sokka and Suki’s descendants! Even if they don’t necessarily become part of the new Team Avatar, they could at least have some appearance, like Lin, Iroh II, and Aang’s children.

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