Mae Whitman, Voice of Katara, Thinks She’ll Voice Act for The Legend of Korra

Mae Whitman, the voice actress of Katara from The Last Airbender, recently stated in an interview that she expects to eventually begin voice acting for another character involved in The Legend of Korra.

This answer was formed when Whitman was asked, “Is there any possibility that you might come back to record for The Legend of Korra at some point, too?

Mae’s exact answer is as followed:

I’d say, definitely. Those guys are all my friends. We’re cut from the same cloth, and I’m obviously a huge fan of that as well. I love that the fans are so passionate about it. And going to Comic-Con and seeing people dressed up as Katara just makes me so happy. I’m also glad there’s a new story to follow. I know it probably wouldn’t be Katara, but if there was any way I could be a part of that — and I think it’s on their radar that I’m really passionate about all their projects — I wouldn’t be surprised if I somehow weaseled my way onto that show as well.

I wouldn’t use this quote to form any kind of factual statements as Whitman is probably as knowledgeable about Book 2 as we are, but it’s obvious that she genuinely believes she’ll eventually be called upon to voice act again.

Maybe Mike and Bryan will get creative and device a character for Whitman that is some sort of descendant of Katara?

12 Responses

  1. Maybe… Maybe Katara’s daughter Kya!!! Maybe she’ll come back to voice Kya!!

  2. please make the promise or something for the old gang into a movie or miniseries, her talent is to good to be wasted on a camo role to make viewer go on to korra, which isn’t really that good anyway.

    • That’s what I was thinking too. I really want them to make the promise and the search into an OVA and release them on dvd or blu-ray just like what they do with Anime.

    • Yeah I was rereading The Promise yesterday and I was thinking the same thing. They should either turn The Promise and The Search into a series or a movie.

  3. but they don’t have any money sigh why do all the average anime like naruto and bleach get extra episodes and show like avatar don’t get enough. I mean how many episode can i watch of naruto and bleach when it isn’t even related to the manga, come on anime/cartoon producer, the great one you left to die, the lousy one you extend tell you go bankrupt or the fan no longer watch. Future 3 avater series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Uhm..I think she’s going to voice act Katara again. Like a little older Katara. And I thiiiink this Katara will be in the flashbacks! 🙂 Let’s wait and see!

  5. Ok, another random question from yours truely…terribly sorry but who else can I go to? Well, I used to think Amon was just kind of someone that just sent his followers to do his bidding but then I realized his true power in Skeletons in the Closet and I was caught in shock. I’m probably the only one in the fandom that thought this but what I’m trying to state here is do you think the Dark Spirit is a greater threat then we currently know. Also, what do you think its powers are that makes it such a big part of book two?

    • Well we can’t really say that TDS will be greater than we currently know because we currently know nothing. But I think TDS will just be someone that has control of a large following.

    • i believe that after the world had discover bending, an evil spirit invade the world, and thus the whole world united to create the avater to stop the invasion and have a go to person who could talk to the spirits .

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