Who will be Bolin’s Love Interest in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra?

One scene from The Legend of Korra that I’m sure we all remember is the moment when Bolin broke into tears once he saw that Korra was more interested in Mako. You really couldn’t help but laugh in the beginning, but feel sorry for the character in the end. It was extremely bitter-sweet.

Fortunately for all of the Bolin’s lovers, Mike and Bryan won’t leave the humorous character single for much of Book 2. We’ve already been told that Bolin will indeed have some sort of love interest in Book 2, but we just don’t know who it is.

One commentator on this site, by the name of Jason, had a pretty interesting theory on who this potential “love interest” will be, and I thought it was good enough to share it with the fandom.

Jason believes that Bolin’s love interest will be the character that April Stewart voices in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. Even though we don’t know which character Stewart will voice, it still makes a lot of sense if you think about it:

Bolin won’t be paired up with Korra because she’s with Mako, and Mike and Bryan have already confirmed that Book 2 will focus on developing the relationship between Mako and Korra. It wouldn’t make much sense for Bolin to hook up with Korra if Makorra is scheduled to be developed.

Pairing Bolin with Asami is a possibility, but I don’t think it’ll happen. Matching Bolin up with his brother’s ex-girl friend is borderline depressing, and I think Asami will eventually be paired up with Iroh II in the end, anyways.

So who else now? Katara?

Believe it or not, those were the only young, teenage characters that Book 1 introduced into the series. Since all two of them are effectively taken, we can only assume that Bolin’s love interest will be an un-introduced character. One new female character that we know of to be in Book 2 is whichever character April Stewart voices for. This mystery character still remains a possibility of becoming Bolin’s love interest, however, we don’t exactly know who the character is. That’s where further speculation comes in:

All that we know about Bolin’s relationship thus far is that it’s “bizarre.” And when I think “Book 2” and “Bizarre”, the only thing that really comes to mind is Korra’s twin cousins. And if you ask me, they fit the criteria perfectly for Bolin’s potential partner in a “bizarre” relationship: they’re female, they’re teenagers and they look rather bizarre. In fact, they look like serial killers.

So that’s my overall thought process: April Stewart will voice one of Korra’s twin cousins and one of the twins will end up being Bolin’s love interest.

Let me know what you think, too.

27 Responses

  1. Kirima maybe because Desna’s supposed to be a boy. Kirima is my best guess but I hope see a bit more bubbly then she looks! So here’s was you basically think right? (of so I’m right behind you)


    • Yup, that’s right. I’m not too into the whole idea or shipping this time around, but nonetheless, that’s who I ship.

    • Korra should break up with Mako and find someone else

      • Noooo.. They’re a sweet couple 😀 they SHOULD be together

      • What’s sweet about Mako cheating on Asami and then lying to her about it? Or Korra using Bolin to make herself feel better after Mako rejects her? Or Mako shoving Tenzin and Lin out of the way so that he can smother Korra in front of Asami? Or both of them stomping all over Bolin and Asami to be together?

        There is NOTHING sweet about Makorra.

      • @coolman229 hey,i appreciate your comment,make sense,but,to me personally,i think they should be together,for some reason,i dont know,i just had a feel it that way,but i dont know about you guys,well,we just have to see in Book 2,something we should also expect 🙂 hehehe

      • Well I hope that Mako and Korra get major attitude adjustments and Makorra breaks up. Those are the only ways for Bryke to fix the characters. I supported Makorra at first, but when Bryke saw fit to harm everyone else I gave up on it.

      • Amen!

  2. Uhh..hehe…umm…the twins..one’s a boy..the two aren’t girls…the left one is the boy and the right one is the girl… ^_^;;

    And I think it’s a great theory that April Stewart will voice Bolin’s love interest 😀
    And yes! I agree! Asami should be paired up with General Iroh II!!!
    EEeee!!! I hope it doesn’t end like the way Zutara did… 😦

  3. hold on, I have a correction to make
    the twins are not both female. At Comic Con they stated that the twins are boy and girl, and the boy’s name is Desna. We don’t know the girl’s name.

  4. I have searched a little and it seems like Korra’s cousin Desna will fall in love with Bolin! Bizarre = Gay party woop woop XD

  5. Fuck this guys!!!I want bolin with korra!!!!!!

    • I know right? Mako and Korra’s relationship is bad enough. I don’t know how well Bryke is going to handle Bolin with a new character.

  6. those twins are a reference to the shining just waiting to happen

  7. Since the second episode, I think Korra is much better with Mako. So, what is your problem? Why you dislike if Korra and Mako together? Bolin is better to be Korra’s pal. What the hell are you ><

    • Hahahaha.


      Wow. That’s pretty funny. Why do you think that Korra and Mako are so good together? All I saw was the both of them bringing out the worst in each other, hurting everyone around them with no remorse, and then throwing out empty, generic compliments. There is literally no basis for a relationship.

      Korra and Bolin, on the other hand, had fun together. They could easily be friends. They could be natural and goofy around each other. That’s a basis for a relationship. That doesn’t mean is HAS to happen, but I fell that Bolin is a much better match than the jerkbender Mako.

      • Couldn’t agree more that Bolin would be better for Korra. I love this show, but I don’t get what the creators are trying to convey about love and romance here…as I see it, the only reasons that Korra could want to be with Mako more than Bolin are a) he’s better-looking, or b) he’s more unobtainable (harder to get). I know these are natural things for girls to be attracted to…but is that really the lesson you want to put in your show as a creator? That girls should ignore the really nice, funny, supportive guy that boldly declares his affection for you, and instead go for the taller, slicker, brooding brother that’s harder to get the attention of? I think it makes dating look like a game, and that Korra is not dating Bolin only because he’s not presenting as much of a challenge as Mako does. If Korra and Mako are ultimately going to end up together, that’s fine, but the writers HAVE to present better reasons why Korra could/should want that over Bolin! And plus, they need to create someone equally amazing for Bolin, someone who truly deserves his good heart and loyalty. Or they can have Mako end up with Asami, and have Bolin earn Korra’s true love in the end, which is how I would do it if I were writing the show.

        Anybody know a good way to share these opinions of ours with the creators/writers themselves?

      • I wish we could share out ideas with the writers. Unfortunately I have no idea how to contact them.

      • @AdminAvatar

        Honestly, Bryke wouldn’t listen. They have (along with David Faustino) dismissed anyone’s complaints as fangirl whining. They’d need a reality check before they would dare listen to any of us “fangirls.”

    • I’m I the only one who still feels like the pairing between Mako and Korra is the most boring, irritating, atrocious, and discusting pairing in both Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra series combined?

      • You’re not the only one. You can find other’s not being obsessed idiots on the Let’s Roast Mako, Korra Critique, and Conmakorra Tumblrs.

      • Oh, This is nice. I’ve been downvoted. By whom I may ask?

    • I know I may sound like a jerk but, what’s your problem? You are entitled to your own opinion, just like everyone else. So, if someone dislikes Makorra or even hates it, it does not necessarily mean that they have a problem.

  8. Strictly opinion wise I think the two would be great together since they appear to be exact opposites personality speaking. We all know Bolin: funny, crazy, out spoken, easy to get along with. Meanwhile the female twin looks to be possibly very introverted, quiet, and nonsociable. Putting them together might have Bolin helping her out of her shell. Which would be a welcome cute romance side story.

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