M. Night Shyamalan Could Start Working on The Last Airbender 2 in 2013

If you follow M. Night Shyamalan on Twitter (you probably don’t) you most likely saw him tweet about his potential upcoming movies. What you probably didn’t notice is that one of his potential upcoming movies is The Last Airbender 2.

Unless you have yet to see The Last Airbender (don’t see it), you’d know that Shyamalan’s vision of the Avatar World isn’t too far from delusional. The guy can make movies: 6th Sense and Unbreakable are two of my favorite movies. But currently, Shyamalan just can’t seem to work his magic in this decade. It’s gotten so bad, in fact, that many believed that The Last Airbender would be the final tip-off most Studios would need to ensure that Shyamalan doesn’t direct another movie again.

Obviously the Studios still haven’t gotten the hint since Shyamalan has another movie, entitled After Earth, that’s due on June 7th 2013. And after that, well, we have reason to believe that he’ll start working on The Last Airbender 2.

Our evidence comes, once again, from Twitter. On Wednesday, September 19th, Shyamalan responded to a twitter user who asked:

Shyamalan replied:

At first it doesn’t seem so bad: he’s deciding between 3 movies, one of which’s script is already complete. But if you think about hard enough, you’ll probably realize the cold, hard fact too: The Last Airbender 2’s script is complete; Shyamalan finished it a little while ago. This most likely means that the movie script that’s “complete” is The Last Airbender 2’s.

Obviously there is more than one movie competing for Shyamlan’s “heart”, but it seems fairly obvious that one of those competing movies is The Last Airbender 2. After all, why would he write another complete script for a different movie? Any new movies that he’s been contemplating have been made into outlines, not full-blown scripts.

All we can really hope for is that Shyamalan decides to go with another movie rather than The Last Airbender 2.

Sound off your frustration in the comment section below, I won’t be moderating any inappropriate comments today.

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  1. It needs a reboot. enough said.

    • If the reboot was animated I’d be all for it. If not, I’d suggest just skipping it entiey.

      • i say REBOOT the FRANSHISE! cause fans/ critics and people did not like it! M.night should not do it the film WORSE FILM DIRECTOR FOR THIS FILM!!!! i say STEVEN SPELBURG do it!!!!!!

    • Agreed, i believe the series has the potential to provide excellent live-action entertainment; however few directors have the highly creative visions that men like Michael Bay or Christopher Nolan have. it is directors like that, who take the impossible, make it live-action and make it ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! but it is difficult to take a series like Avatar (animated) and make it live action and compact into a short film, but it is not impossible you just need to have the vision to make it. M. night tried too hard to fit too much into the film, but he didnt do it in an organized way it was jumpy and poorly organised. some of hte fights were not horrible, the bending was well done, but the story was shredded. I feel if he does make another one, i will watch it only in the hope that the animated series that i grew to love has not been ruined for a second time. i will watch it in the hop that he repaired his mistakes. otherwise i want another movie, but i want a different director and probably to start back from the first (reboot)….i am in love with this series and long wished to see the animated series brought into the flesh and blood (live-action) world of cinema but you need a director with vision, not someone who is trying to have vision. today you don’t have directors who can BE Visionary’s but you have directors who have a NATURAL BORN TALENT for VISION! like Michael bay, and Christopher nolan. example being soooo many people were skeptical about about batman begins saying “its too dark, its not the same as the other ones” and then they saw it and Christopher pretty much said “SCREW YOU! For not believing in my vision” because everyone came out of the theater with AWE in their face. and he only got better and better. he took good and skeptical and made it LEGENDARY! that is a born gift, not an acquired skill.


      • Well said!!!!!!!

      • chris nolan’s style is more abstract while night is more of a realist, remember that night said his idol was spielberg growing up, and spielberg is a realist. there’s nothing wrong with night’s tla. he can only film something the way he knows only, he is not gonna go out of his way to please everyone, that’s impossible, plus he was on a tight deadline to get results for his investors. i’d like to see you guys try to squeeze a whole season in one film. another thing, why would you want to have a different director when night already made the script for the sequel? that doesn’t make sense, it’s his story, he should do whatever he wants. besides, those actors in the first film are at the right age for the sequel, if a different director was chosen, that would be an entire different cast, i want to see the crazy fire princess from the first one, she’s hot. also, bay is not a great director, his films are mostly action oriented while night captured the essence of subtle realism with the extraordinary talented cast who should’ve gotten an oscar along with the special effects dudes. i don’t care what people say, but the acting was excellent, obviously special effects blows you away, and night’s realistic film style is the best compared to those other directors who aren’t as talented and versatile.

      • one last thing, people are complaining about the cast because they don’t look like the toon, but if you notice, human beings are related to each other and so what if oriental dudes weren’t cast as leads, “culture” is just a word. it doesn’t mean other races can’t be part of it, that’s being racist and the people who are complaining (you know who you are) are really the racists themselves, night even said that. besides, white actors are more talented and attractive, no offense. night should be allowed to do what he wants, he came up with his original script like his previous films.

      • your totally right, the animated series was nothing short of amazing, and the live action movie just skipped to much, it was really jumpy, i think they should let disney take over because disney knows how to make a a good creative movie.

      • Just came across The Last Airbender on Nick and we thought it was great. I sure hope 2 comes out soon.

      • after reading dude’s last comment i had to point out how racist it is. “culture” is a word, that also means a person’s way of life. another race can become a part of it if it is understood properly. from the start of the movie m night doesn’t get it right. in the opening sequence with the figures bending behind asian characters- those aren’t real words, their just gibberish, and in no way can that not be offensive. by claiming a colorblind mentality and saying we’re all human.you’re ignoring the differences between other people’s cultures, and not respecting them. whenever someone says “no offense,” it’s more than likely they just mean “don’t get mad.” and really saying white actors and actresses are better and better looking just shows how racist this colorblind mentality is.
        quick history lesson. it was no longer cool to be racist and say racist remarks in the 60s. so white people twisted and distorted dr. martin luther king’s message to say that “we are all the same.” what was racist then has transferred into another kind of racism today. and clearly only feeds this white supremacy, which is also clear with the last airbender.
        for instance, it’s not secret that m night loves the fire nation, he created it in his image- indians. everyone else had poor architecture and was intellectually weaker. remember that little asian boy katara and aang saved after he bended rocks at the fire nation soldiers? that’s haru, who lead his people against the firebenders in the show. strange how a white boy has to remind a village of people there is “earth beneath their feet,” katara made better speeches in that episode. or how in a deleted scene aunt wu was a black woman that lived in a mud hut, not in the modestly rich place she practiced in. also weird how the northern water tribe didn’t extinguish their flames in the battle against the fire benders. or the guy they cast to play the fire lord is clearly not supposed to be feared, at least not much, but appears as a character m night hopes to paint as more understandable. he’s an apologist for the fire nation. while most of the world is oppressed, and he’s only shows them to be weaker and less intelligent in movie.
        and it’s as if he doesn’t try to be non-offense. it’s sad to me how your comment that white people look and act better remind me of m night’s comment that an inuit woman cannot look like katara. despite that she wears inuit clothes, eats inuit food, and lives in a community like and inuit would.
        i realize this is quite a late reply. but this made me angry and uncomfortable. do you see what kind of fan of this movie people thumbed up and agreed with in this person’s first comment. you’d have to be ignorant to be a fan of this movie. but if anyone read this think before buying into this colorblind racism. hollywood is a reflection of our own society’s views. as another commenter said these are the kind of fans that support a sequel.

    • In the future, I want to become a filmmaker. The other day, I was thinking “What If I did a reboot? I could do it in animated”. Live action would just ruin it. I’d keep it in animated form.

      • The thing about doing it animated is that THERE IS ALREADY THE ANIMATED SERIES. What will be the point to make the same story again. It would be amazing to see a live action film that stays true to the animated series; not in the sense that they try to fit every episode in one movie but doing a shorter more edited story and most importantly one that portrays the sane emotions the animated version gave us.

  2. This cannot be good…

    • Yeah, but to be quite honest, I’m a bit intrigued to see how it pans out. It won’t be good, but I’m slightly curious to see how they portray Toph and Azula.

      • It’s people like you that’s keeping M.Night’s confidence and budget alive. Don’t, just don’t.

  3. No. Nonono.


    ^^^that’s all I have to say…

  4. I have found something that may/may not interest all you. I was reading a book on hinduism when a peculiar/familiar picture caught my eye


    I then asked myself, why does this look so familiar? I soon realized that I had seen this picture in an atla episode when aang was trying to unlock his chakras

    I then remembered the creators of atla saying the avatar world was based partly on hinduism. I rewarded myself with a candy bar for good observations and decided to call it a day.

    aaanyhoo, I just wanted to say, NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO, and that the director should stick to being a doctor and not a director. I ‘m not being racist because i am an indian myself.

    • Wow, good job. I knew the idea of chakra was Hindu, but finding that picture was really cool. One thing I loved about ATLA was it combined so many Asian/Subcontinental images and architecture, from far eastern Shinto and Confucian, to Tang dynasty China, to central asian Buddhism. Those guys must have really known their stuff! Anyone else notice the Forbidden City make an appearance in Ba Sing Se?

  5. one is a picture i found on a hindu book, the other is in the atla episode “The guru”

  6. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    oh my avatar please noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    in the name of all toph wonderful moment in the series which could be ruin by the second movie noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    in the name of how can he make it worst nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooo

    please just make the promise into a movie or short series, or a new avatar series, or make mako less annoying pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  7. I can not wait until the last airbender 2 come to the cinema 😀

    • what is wrong with everyone?

      • People are sick minded. That’s why sequel to Dragonball E was greenlit. Cuz tasteless people just wanna see how crappy some movies are, without realizing that they are financially supporting those crap in the process.

  8. Excuse me but the Earth King has invited you all to Lake Laogai.

  9. Can we like sign a petition for Steven Spielberg or James Cameron to be the director of the Avatar movies…? Any quality director actually will do, just not MNS…

  10. if he does make it, it will most likely be a direct dvd no one will go see it after the first train reach

  11. the definition of insantly is doing the same thing again and exespecting different results M.night and Yakone use this saying as a jumprope!

    • That’s not the definition of insanity, nor is it the proper spelling. Since you can’t get crazy right, it’s good you have a handle on stupid.

  12. dying to see the sequel!!! Im sure it can be improved than the first movie was

    • me too brother, and for you haters out there, this movie is not about being offensive to the toon or minorities, remember that we all have mix heritage in our blood, so sorry minorities but you lose.

      • Are you being serious right now? It is 100% about being offensive to the toon…ALTA was a beautiful and very very well made cartoon and the movie basically took everything that the show was about and stepped on it. This had a lot of potential and because M.Night was stubborn and refused to follow what the what the anime said it was a terrible excuse for a movie. As for your comment on minorities…I don’t know whether to call you racist or just plain stupid, the cast on for this movie was blatantly and purposefully incorrect. The characters in this cartoon was obviously of some sort of Asian decent. It was just stubborn and ridiculous of M.Night to try to cast white actors and then randomly throw Indians in for the fire nation. IF he had wanted to cast Indians he could have gotten away by making them the Water tribe but the Fire Nation obviously had strong Japanese roots, he completely ignored them and instead went ahead with his “Vision”.

  13. All of you have to stop and think of what you say I think avatar was a grate movie I would watch it again and if they bring out another one I have been waiting for it and I hope m.night dose what he dose best and keeps doing what he loves if you all who put him down think you can do better ill like to see you put you money where your mouth is it takes a great person to direct and I think it was good keep going m.night you are the best I love your old and new movies 🙂 I can’t wait for the next ones

    • Well, the unfortunate thing is that I’d have faith in any commentator to write a better script than M. Night…

    • You ask me if I can do better? If you scooped out my brain and fed it to a monkey I could do better. M. Night completely tore apart the Avatar universe. He’s already destroyed Aang, he should throw away his script/outline for it and never touch the show again. And if he doesn’t and completely disgraces Avatar Aang, and moves onto KORRA…. There will be hell to pay, and I speak for all the good fans.

      • I totally don’t believe you could do better if your life depended on it. I would love for you to work on the movie even in a minor way and see what he has to go through to make a production like he did with The Last Airbender.

      • Dude u couldnt do better if ur life depended on it

  14. All y’all are crazy including this wack ass author. The LA was an amazing movie with a great idea. The little boy played the HELL out of the part. MNS is a genius and all y’all are the idiots.

    • You may have not have seen or fully appreciated the series then… the film FAILED in comparison and (cough) was similar to garbage.. The writers and director of the series only gave GRADE A material.. MNS destroyed their conception into his own twisted creation. It is not the actors faults that they play in an awfully directed film.

      • dont watch the movie then, stop comparing it to the cartoon anyway!! How old are you people?! My kids really enjoyed this movie. You know what you do when a movie you don’t want to see comes out? You dot watch it!!! There are plenty of movies and shows I can’t stand so I don’t watch!

      • You obviously don’t share the passion for the original show that many of us have.

    • Don’t feed this Troll. Commencing Ban Hammer.

      • Agreed!

      • Wow… Ban hammer huh? Wow for that awful ban.. I think tla is an awesome movie.. Sure it skips parts from the anime.. It would take a series like 7-8 movies long to squeeze in most of the series.. Most… Not happening.

    • Ok, think want you must on the movie, we are all entitled to our opinion, but to instult the wonderful Admin like that? That is where we draw the line! That was just plain rude and I think you owe her a major apology!!

    • I agree it was an ok movie and just to be able to see the last airbender on screen should be enough for any true fan of the series

  15. STAY AWAY FROM AANG (not Aung)!

    • So it seems the names in the movie were the original pronounciations of the characters in the show but during production they changed it to be easier to pronounce for american kids. At least those names actually came from the original project!

      • Well then that’s really weird, considering the fact that in the beginning of the movie as Katara was doing the intro, she said “Aw-vatar”, then later in the movie the Dragon and some other characters pronounced “Avatar” correctly.

  16. the last airbender is a great movie! you just need imagination and a free spirit to like the movie.

    it’s art and heart, goosebumps and teardrops… MNS.

    so to all haters, please just watch lifeless cartoons and leave the real movies alone. i guess superficial is the word for you?

    • You do realize your great movie is based on a lifeless cartoon right? The entire reason the movie was made was because the CARTOON was popular. I think MNS owed it to the fans of the series to make a better movie and failed.

      • and you know the movie is shyamalan’s original idea right? besides he wrote the stories for the cartoon, it’s mns’s toon.

      • You’re an idiot.

      • he/she really is one to make such a comment… smh

      • Dude, nickelodeon was already throwing around the idea of making an Avatar movie when Shyamalan offered to direct it. He also never worked on the cartoon. He didn’t even pay attention to it until partway through the third season, he said so himself in an interview.

  17. Dude go ahead and make the last airbender 2 I thought the first one was awsome I need to finish the story

  18. What movie? There WAS no movie. I refuse to accept a reality in which this movie existed.

    So help me if he tries to touch LOK I’ll have to explode..

  19. how do u kno that ab2 is dun?

  20. LOVED the first airbender movie and can’t wait for another real action as the first was i see so many haters for the movie but hell look at 80% of the GARBAGE that comes out these days and ull see this FAR surpasses most them so the sooner the last airbender 2 comes out the better

    • I agree with David Golder, the sequel by far will be so much better because they would’ve worked out all the bugs. No offense but minorities must go.

  21. i loved the first one. was one of my favorites ever. all you haters out there just need something to complain about. if its something you dont like dont watch it no need to ruin it for everyone else who may like it

    • I agree completely with steve. No offense but the movie is not racist at all, I’m sorry but you liberals and liberal minorities must go.

  22. I have never scene so many people defend this joke of a movie. But I guess the only people who are Googleing “The Last Airbender 2” and coming to this page are the people who actually liked the movie.

    • The “Great Divide” between the posters MUST be this: one side has seen the series, LOVED the series, and anticipated that MNS was SUPPOSE to direct a film version of the series. The individuals of this side, understand that Avatar: The Last Airbender is not an original idea from MNS and as such, MNS was expected to pay FULL pay homage to the original, the series, the beloved animation that opened a new world to kids, teens and young adults. Thus and rightly so, this side, is not okay with MNS’s depiction within the film. And have ALL RIGHT to constantly address that point and their fears of MNS repeating the offense. The other side can be a combination of things – never seen the series animation, know nothing about good anime and how they can very much transcend the performance of live actors, never seen a good movie, OR just do not “get it”. With that said, lets play nice although we have two very different views.

      • That seems a little silly. I own the whole series box set and have watched it from start to finish severel times over, making family and friends watch it as well. Avid fan, can quote regularly. I LOVED the show AND the movie. I can’t wait to see more! If the creators of The Last Airbender can be so happy with it why the heck do we have to be such haters? I thoroughly enjoyed it. YES it was different I knew it would have to be but so far it looks like i was the only one who saw that one coming enough to not be shell shocked and offended. Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood are so totally different in so many ways and I love both of them because it’s more of one of my favorite characters being fun and having adventures. Even though they are so different. For me this was the same. I love the characters and I’m happy to see more of them doing kinda different things. 🙂

  23. M. Night Shyamalan is one of the worst director if not thee worst director in the world. I am Indian and I hate his movies. He did a decent job on the sixth sense and it ends there. He butchered the avatar .

    • I’m very agree with you but if he had another director next to him that is much more better then him I don’t know who mabey he can turn this movie around and bring it back with humor and stuff. I waited for this to happen that someone would make a movie about it now it is. I just hope he makes its better with someone else with him.

  24. YES! I LOVED the first movie!! It wasn’t done the GREATEST but that wasn’t Shyamalan’s fault at all! He tried to fit 24 hours of storyline into 90 ,minutes and it’s just impossible to do and when he fought for more time they denied him. I think he did a great job with limited resources and the first movie was a starting point he will only go up from. It was far superior to the first Twilight movie and look how much each of those improved- such great potential I really want to follow it all the way!! As for those “racebenders” out there- talk about looking for insult where it’s not meant! The cultures were based off of the cast- nothing else! Get over the drama people! Enjoy a fun movie!

  25. I think that everyone is taking this all too seriously. Yes, TLA was a terrible rip off of the show, but if you had never seen ATLA, then it would be a good movie. I like to look at it that way. Pretend you’ve never seen ATLA and it really is a good movie. Yes, they pronounce the names wrong and Sokka has no humor, and they missed 90 percent of everything that happens in the show, and Iroh isn’t a very old guy, and they don’t meet Suki, and it takes forever to bend stuff, and all of the other super infuriating stuff that ruins the show for me. I’m interested in seeing the second movie to see how they totally mess it up. But it was a pretty good movie. If you haven’t seen ATLA.

    • Havent seen ATLA. I thought the movie was great & been waiting for part 2.

      • I saw the shows yes they missed a heck of a lot of details screwed up the characters and the acting was a bit bad (my personal opinion) but I still loved the movie and can’t wait for the next one.

  26. Homana Homana, I agree with you 🙂

  27. I thought the movie was great me and my family have watched it few times and loved it. We are all eagerly awaiting the next one!

    • right on man! I’m tired of these complainers considering this film is low budget and those complainers are racists, give the dude another chance, actors were amazing, besides who cares about the story, it’s special effects considering this was night’s original idea.

      • Dude, I think calling people who complain about this movie racist is kind of extreme, especially when you consider who they had play what parts in the movie. For starters, Katara and Sokka look close to being native american in the show, but in the movie they’re white. I could go on, but this would be a very long post. And do you honestly not care about a movies story when you watch it, you only pay attention to the special effects? The whole plot, the characters and the concept are also not nights original idea! He never paid attention to the show until partway into season three. His daughter got him interested. He says so himself.

      • @may, see now you’re the one that’s being kind of racist, no offensive. night picked out actors who look like the ambiguous characters, he did not want to just be about asians. asian dudes are not supposed to get the girl, it’s america, america wants to see cheesy films, that’s all we want to see, if you don’t like this country, just leave.

      • Not as extreme as you were. You were calling people racist based on their opinion of a movie. As for the actors looking like the characters, if we don’t want to compare the made up nations in the show to real ones on earth, fine. The actors that played Katara and Sokka are really pale when compared to the characters though. Do a google search and compare for yourself. I think the girl could be a vampire in twilight. Given the quality of the acting, people could have been found that resembled them more without sacrificing anything. The actors could have also gotten tans if you think they look enough like them otherwise dude.
        Also, what are you talking about m.night didn’t want the the movie to just be about Asians and the rest of what you said? How does what I said translate into me not liking this country and needing to leave? Were you being sarcastic? I hope so, because that’s the only way I can make the rest of what you wrote fit with your first sentence and a half.

      • May – Dude is way offf in his/her comments, don’t let that person frazzle you too much… I agree completely with you May. The series did a great job of diversifying, unlike MNS, who did not stay true the the series diversification. Indians are considered Asian, but to have an entire cast of Indians (or Indian-resembling persons) representing the fire nation…. was unnecessary and inaccurate. And to not have any Inuits for the water-tribe, rather, very pale-looking individuals.. I find confusing. The choice of people he used to represent the four nations STILL compare to peoples of the real world but he did so it a way that was awfully bad! AND FOR THE LAST TIME – Dude and others – The books, series, and movie WAS NOT AN ORIGINAL IDEA FROM MNS! Please do accurate research, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko fully deserve the credit for their wonderful creation and MNS deserves to be tarred and feathered for his insult of a movie.. You cannot get praise or kudos for not doing a good job, let’s just be real all you MNS movie-supporters! It is really annoying people like me 😉 (not really I like the controversy because people like me KNOW we’re right.. ha)

      • Thanks Christira. What you wrote sums up all my thoughts exactly, only better than I could have written.

  28. I think all of you yall suck stupid mother fuckers* need to learn how to watch a good movie and stop being assholes about the real book dumb asses. Thank u. Fuckers

    • It wasn’t a book. It was a TV show. And it’s okay on it’s own, but if people make an adaption of something, I believe we can expect it to be somewhat faithful to the plot.

  29. Umadbro? Last Airbender was a box office success. What was YOUR last successful film? Oh right… you are an armchair quarterback.

    • It was a box office success because it was derived from arguably one of the most popular animated series’ on Nick. If this movie was made stand alone without the cartoon, it would be another John Carter-like Dud.

      There’s you and a small handful of people who actually liked the movie. Then there’s me and the most of the world who thought it was a disgrace to the cartoon.

      So no, I don’t have any recent films, but I bet I could do a heck of a better job on the movie in terms of preserving the norm that the animated series created.

  30. Another thing to consider is how movies are made, or remade i should say, changing the races originally used. It’s ok to replace a mostly white cast with mostly blacks but MNS cannot change what is interpreted from a cartoon to a live action movie? He has a right to make them all talking bears and dogs ifhe wants. Don’t like it? Don’t go see it.!

    • There are a lot of back stories with TLA characters. These characters are depicting very old cultures particularly east Asian and Native American. You can tell what they are in the animated series. Aang’s backstory is really about the Dalai Lama, Katara and Sokka live in igloos – they are Inuits (creators even said that on youtube and in their show book) and Zuko has east asian quality. This isn’t like star wars or James Cameron’s Avatar. If MNS decided to create an influence from TLA instead of a direct adaptation, he could’ve done something like Star Wars. George Lucas’s Star Wars was influenced by Akira Kurosawa’s Forbidden Fortress film. And, there was another Akira Kurosawa film called The Seven Samurai which influenced an American western called The Magnificent Seven.

      Just to let you know too that Noah Ringer who portrayed Aang is part Native American in real life but did you know Paramount wouldn’t let people know the ethnicity of Noah Ringer until a year after the release of the film? And what got everyone riled up was that Paramount and Nickelodeon were promoting him as being caucasian.

      Also, I totally disagree with your idiotic comment about hollywood filmmakers being fair with actors playing other ethnicities because it’s NOT really equal. Not to get off topic but there was an interesting quote from Kathryn Schulz at Vulture about the controversy with Cloud Atlas film. If you don’t know already with the controversy with that film, it’s about discrimination against asians because of how badly yellow face was done with non asian actors as asians (considering there was a plot-line involved in that movie with east asians) and this is what she said:

      “Cloud Atlas may mean well — but its racial dynamics are still troubling: I understand what Cloud Atlas is going for, says Kathryn Schulz at Vulture, but “I think you have to be oblivious to the history of racism in the United States” to dismiss the yellowface concerns entirely. Yes, Doona Bae and Halle Berry appear in what could be called “whiteface,” but Hollywood’s long bias toward white actors means that there’s “no easy equivalency between white actors playing nonwhite roles and nonwhite actors playing white ones.” And even without the yellowface concerns, why do all the “Asian” characters in 2144’s Neo-Seoul speak English in unconvincing faux-Korean accents, instead of subtitled Korean? Cloud Atlas’ heart may be in the right place, but its use of tired racial signifiers “is, in every sense of the word, alienating.”

    • In other words the studios, Night and even the creators were scared to cast east asians in lead roles (but they would never admit it). But besides the unfair casting, the filmmaking is laughable. And if you want to argue the amount it made, another reason it made so much is because there were many who hadn’t seen the animated show and went to see it considering it was advertised everywhere (millions of dollars were spent with the marketing).

  31. Absolutely make 2 and 3. Shove your hatred.

  32. Wow. I was only browsing and then I read all of this… Just wow. Having only recently become obsessed with ATLA I don’t really have such harsh feelings about the movie. I didn’t like it but that was because I felt that even though it might only be an adaptation of the the cartoon, it did not do justice to the most central part of the show-the bending! Something so original like that needs to be crisp and clean, the way it was written to be. I really wish Sokka had been funny too. However there are always worse movies out there. If you don’t like the movie then don’t see it; I for one would rather not sully any more the
    view I have on ATLA so I’ll just ignore the whole thing. There, that is my input.

  33. On Nov25, dude says “Asian dudes aren’t supposed to get the girl, it’s America”, after calling others racist. You’re a dickhead! Never watched the show, the movie was on tv here (Japan) last night & I thought I’d check out if it was worth showing the tv show to my HALF-ASIAN sons who have learned KungFu from birth (I’m a Kung Fu Teacher here). This idiot “dude” just turned me away from this show altogether if that’s the kind of stupidity associated with its fans. If you don’t respect Asians & the culture, why the hell are you watching a TV show like this? Time to turn off the tv, pick up a book & learn a thing or two!

    • Please don’t let Dude influence you from not watching the series. I watch a lot of TV, including non-animated shows, and Avatar is hands down one of the best series of TV I have ever scene. Please do check it out!

    • I agree with AdminAvatar. Don’t let dude convince you not to watch the series. I think both you and your sons would enjoy the cartoon, but skip the live action movie. Dudes comments do not reflect what the rest of the fans think. At least watch an episode before you make up you mind.

    • seriously, you’re calling me a dickhead when people are calling the movie racist? the movie is not racist because nickelodeon and night knew these talented actors dangit! this is m. night’s original script, he’s asian himself, doesn’t make sense to say the movie is racist. like i said, asians dudes are not supposed to be heroes or get the girl, it’s america, we want to see cheesy films, don’t you get it?? no one wants see a bunch of asians, no offense!

      • Dude, your not helping yourself. I don’t know what part of the country your from, but none of the people I know want to see cheesy movies. We want interesting characters and plotlines. We are also perfectly fine with Asian guys being heroes and ‘getting the girl’. I, all my friends, and obviously the other fans of the series were fine with a lot of Asian characters. M.Night may have written the script for the movie, but it’s certainly not his original idea. He can’t do whatever he wants. He was simply adapting the animated show, with an already well established fan base, to a live action movie. In the process he not only had horrible casting, (the main actors were not that great), but he also changed characters personalities, and the basics of firebending. That right there made it quite unbelievable that the fire nation could have successfully carried on the war for a hundred years. It also took something close to mini dance sequences to do even a minimal amount of bending.

  34. but but there have been a ton of cheesy movies like transformers, gi joe, battleship, and even top gun has made ton of money, think about that. tla has made ton of money, do you honestly think people would go see a bunch of asians and made a ton of money? i doubt it. this is all about money, why does everything have to be pc? no offense but people like yourself are getting in the way, because movies won’t be made. also, like someone said, why is it ok for blacks to be cast in white people’s roles like nick fury and wild wild west movies but not the other way?? what makes you think white people can’t act in other races?? and for the last time, this is america, people expect to see movies for entertainment, and not to be bored with boring pc liberal crap which i find ironic because the media is run by libs.

    • You ignored half of what I said before. Read the whole post. The casting is only part of my problem with this movie. And yes, you are being a dickhead. You were calling people that didn’t like the movie racist, without any reasonable grounds, and then turned around and said Asian guys can’t get the girls in movies. Your being extremely contradictory. Although I must agree that its weird when a character like Nick Fury is changed too. I mostly don’t like it when characters I like are changed. Thats why I don’t like the casting in the movie. I also don’t like how Zuko, Iroh, monk Gyatso, the fire lord, or Azula were cast either. I still don’t buy your whole Americans only want to see white actors thing. That’s just being cynical. Let’s move on though, this topic is getting repetitive.
      Almost all the characters in the movie were changed from their original characters in the Already Popular series. Not only was the casting messed up, but most of the characters personalities were changed too. A lot of what made the series great was the characters. Sokka wasn’t the funny guy anymore, for example, he was just the responsible big brother. That was boring. The bending was cool in the series to, but it was so slow and clunky in the movie that the fight scenes were boring. If, according to you dude, movies are only meant to be entertaining, and have no interesting ideas behind them, that was a major fail. (That has nothing to do with being PC.) I’m interested to know your opinion about this.

      • ok i apologize for being a dickhead, however, there’s a history of violence from asian countries that’s still going on, why does rest of the world have to get involved for? if asian culture is so great, why did the japanese attack us for? if china has one of the greatest cultures (at one time they were more advanced than europe), why are they so snobbish and irrational for? if korea and vietnam wanted democracy during the war, why did a lot of them turned against us for? if muslims want to be left alone, why did they attack us on 911 for? if jews wants peace with muslims, why have they been killing civilians for (even babies)? why would anyone want a deep appreciation of a culture who doesn’t really reciprocate back…what have those countries accomplished to help out western nations? seems to me white people (my people) are the real heroes because we’re so rational and smart, we launched a man to outer space. you asians have a long way to go. latins and blacks are in the middle, they really haven’t contributed but they really haven’t been the aggressors either.

  35. I liked the first one, my only real problem with it was that it needed more of a finish. But I guess that is what sequels are for. I think it needed a little bit more plot but this is the way movies are going now adays super Herod that can create so much action your head would spin but not enough plot. I think science fiction should have a lot more plot, other wise they would just call it fiction or action, not Science fiction. On a whole though I would go see the 2nd one and expect that it would be a lot better than Matrix 2

    • exactly, i am dying to see the sequel. night should win an oscar for sure at least for cinematography or something. and all those complainers can kiss my ass, it’s what wholesome, smart americans want to see not some boring filthy piece of crap like many violent, raunchy movies are these days, they just gross me out. also, most americans don’t know that night created his own script from the cartoon, that’s why a lot of the movie edited it out, it would’ve been too long and i’d like to see you morons put an entire season in one movie, what night did was an impossibility and he got it done, i’m surprised people didn’t like it. and for the last time, this movie’s not racist, it’s his story anyways! please support his films.

  36. Okay, u might not like his last air Bender movie. And u might not want to see the next one, but others liked the movie and want the second movie to come out. Don’t speak for anyone but ur self.

  37. Can’t understand the bad comments about Last Airbender – I love it all the way thru and can’t wait for The Last Airbender 2 to be filmed and in theaters and on DVD very soon! I do want the 2nd movie to come out!

  38. I thought air bender was a amazing movie and is looking forward to number 2. K will be very disappointed if be doesnt make a number 2. Please come out with air bender 2.

  39. Avatar: the Last Airbender: awesome cartoon
    The Last Airbender: its like someone took my favorite action cartoon, took a crap on it and turned that to a movie.
    But I do believe (ok so maybe I wish) that the negative reviews the first movie got will be viewed as constructive criticism for the next movie so that my faith in movie adaptations will be restored.

  40. I don’t no what y’all talkin bout I can’t wait for air bender part 2

  41. the last air bender was an outrageously good movie. period.

  42. TLA 2 won’t be made unless Shamalyan goes indie with it. One critical element was left out of this article and that is that TLA didn’t make that much money for Paramount, who ultimately holds the rights to the franchise. The film made roughly $300,000,000 while costing Paramount a grand total of $270,000,000 to make, advertise, and distribute. Usually, for a project as large, and considering the director and this franchise’s film history, a project that is very much a large risk, it doesn’t seem that Paramount will make a sequel. Don’t get your hopes, or worries, I suppose, up.

    That is if they think LOK is enough of a success to try again on the film front with TLA…

  43. I am amazed how many people have to get on a site to trash something! Then to say it was terrible is just plain ridiculous! My kids and I liked this movie. We can’t wait for the next one to come out. I wish he would get on with it already. I don’t care about the cartoon an all that petty crap. Don’t watch it if you dont like it. I cannot stand hearing an adult say it didn’t hold true to the cartoon! Grow up!!

  44. I am very happy that he is finally going to make Air Bender 2. I love this movie

  45. you guys need to give this guy some credit i think the movie was a really bomb movie me and my wife loved this movie and cant wait till all the other books come out ive been watching the last airbender cartoon series for almost all my life and when this movie came into theaters i bought my movie ticket early when i saw it i loved it i even bought the movie and kept watching it over and over again as well as my wife so give m. Night some credit he made a awsome movie and cant wait till book 2, 3, 4, come out to theater

  46. I’ve been waiting two years for a sequel to the the last airbender I watched every episode of the cartoon version of the last airbender loved it a lot then to become a movie was the best ideal to make it a movie . Basically if you weren’t going to finish what you started why even do the movie you have to finish what you started ill be waiting.

  47. I give the movie 6 out of 10. I liked it, but, I felt somethings were missing. Like why didn’t Sokka have more wide cracks throughout the movie, or why did everyone say “Aung” instead of “Ang”. Also, the last battle of the movie should have been more epic. The wall of water was awesome, just not as awesome as a spirit fish could have been. Maybe I am just spoiled by Lord of the Rings battles. Overall, it was above average and I hope M.Night’s sequel is that much more impressive. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with Azula (and her friends) and Toph.

  48. I loved the story line and the movie. People need to stop being haters and let the man do his thing. I believe that this movie is more directed for the kid/teens anyways and my kids loved it….

  49. And yes if you don’t like the movie then don’t watch it or have anything to do with it. There are plenty of people that do…

    • There are actually very people who liked it. Most of them are actually commenting on this page.

      If you know anything about movies, you’d realize how atrocious this “movie” was. Acting – awful, Script – terrible, Adaptation of the Show – Excruciatingly terrible, Cast – God Awful. The list goes on and on.

  50. Its not that he’s a bad director, he is good. But when the franchise gets so popular and we know it one way, when he decided to make various changes…like name pronunciation or the way fire benders work…when its been established by the creator of the show and accepted by the audience..there’s gonna be problems. We like the series..not how he wants to do it cause that’s traditional Indian thing. He should realize he’s not making the movie for himself……..he’s making it for us.

  51. Dont give fuck what anyone says, cant wait for another airbender movie HOODY HOO!!!!!

  52. I am a big fan of Avatar the CARTOON! The movie that this man made was one of the Worst pieces of ****. One single episode of the Cartoon was better that entire movie. He needs to leave this story alone.

  53. Once upon a time in youtube land, I came across a fanmade theme for avatar with the song Houki Boshi, I have looked for it and I have not been able to find it, it was originally a one piece theme, If anyone knows what i am talking about please reply with url 🙂

  54. MNS is one of the only thoughtful directors in Hollywood. Spielberg? Really? You want to see Shia LeBoof as the Avatar? Liked Raiders 4 did you? Please. Spielbergs over. Take note. MNS is a minority.

  55. just recast zuko, azula and katara and cast a 2ne1 member as toph!!! no need for a reboot

  56. I would really love to see a second movie. With better directing and better acting I’m sure the movie could make a come back. The movies need to be more like the cartoon for the fact that the weekly cartoon made us fall in love with the characters. It not only had t comedy relief but it got you at the edge of your seat wanting to know more. The personalities of the characters is really what the movie is missing. I realize that it’s not easy to fit a lot of detail into a 90 minute movie but the first movie our beloved characters really had no personality. It was disappointing.

  57. I hope guys realize that complaining about this isn’t going to prevent him from making a next one.
    Personally, I thought the movie was fine. There was nothing really wrong with it.

  58. Love the series! Love M.Night’s take on the series with his movie. It’s fantasy. It’s fun. I get not liking the differences portrayed in the movie versus the animated series. I think my heart will be broken after I see Ender’s Game. It comes out at the end of this year. Although I am super excited to see this film, I am also super worried about the variations of story and perceptions of personalities of the characters. I hope the directors/producers/editors/actors are able to stay true to the original story. If not, like I said, I will be heart broken.

    If the movie is good however, with a great story, acting, scenery, etc…, I will love the movie, re-read the book(s) and call it a day. Maybe oneday someone else will remake the book into a movie and it will be better.

    The moral of this:
    It’s just a movie.

  59. In continuation,

    There’s no reason to become so mean, and upset over a frekkin movie. Goshdarnit!

  60. I thought it was really crazy good. please make part 2.

  61. M. Night Shyamalan please leave Avatar: The Last Airbender alone. You ruined the first one and let alone the second one? No! I am a huge fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender and when I saw the movie… I was extremely dissapointed. Please do us the fans a favor and just leave it alone.

  62. For GOD sake don’t do it!!!!!! Get somebody else who knows what they are doing!!! The first one SUCKED!!!! It really raped the anime series!!!!!

  63. I honestly want to see the second one made. Maybe it could be better, I mean you want something that came right off the show, but no one can do that, yes somethings about the first one upset me, not enough to say that it doesn’t need to be visited and finished. I want to see everyone brought to life, and how could happen exit. Even if I know the end it doesn’t change that I want to see. Yes, they may destroy show, but he didn’t write the show and can’t every last little detail into the movies. For what he could do, the movie was really good.

  64. The movie was great cant wait for the next. Couldn’t imagine someone else making it. Very well done.

  65. I feel the last airbender was and still is an awesome movie full of action even though a lot of people don’t feel the same but there are a lot that do and I am looking forward to a part two the sooner the better

  66. I read your article and I have to say, I hope there is another airbender movie. My family and I really enjoyed the movie. I don’t know what everyone is talking about not every movie has to be a award winner to be enjoyable.

  67. Honesty, I watched the show, and for what you must do in order to change the movie, they had no rights to the movie so the name pronunciation isn’t able to change due to copyright infringement, and the story line of over 500 minutes into 90 minutes worth of movie they did a fantastic job so, I loved the show as many others do but understand, there wasnt much more he could’ve done, none of you could have made what he did and no other director could have done what he did so, deal with it and move on

    • Your right, many fans here wouldn’t have done what M. Night did, they would have picked better casting and let the characters keep their personalities we all loved. Other directors could have easily done what he did, taking an already well written story and tweaking it to fit their “vision”, as some other people have said, isn’t hard. Making other people accept their messed with version of an already popular story is tough though. C’mon, he changed Soka’s and Angs names, for starters.
      I think movies like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and more recently the Avengers, plus all it’s related movies, are proof that there are other directors who could do a better job than M. Night with the Last Air Bender.
      I guess too many of us have been spoiled by good directing/writing/acting.

  68. I am an avid fan of the last air bender and watched every episode with my sister. She and i went to the midnight showing of this movie and LOVED it. The director did an amazing job following the series and did an impeciable job on the film. I, as well as my sister cannot wait until the second film comes out! So you sir can suck it because you are absurd and obviously not a fan of the series to be critizing. But i guessss #hatersgonnahate

    • I watch Avatar and Korra every time they come on. I love both series and I think “The Last Airbender” movie. SUCKED. Talk about raping the series. The bad cardboard acting. OMG! Igot such a freaking headache. I wanted my money back soooooo bad!!! I don’t want to even to download load it!!! M.night will be making a HUGE mistake of making part 2. Get somebody like Peter Jackson to make it.

  69. Steven spielberg, jerry berkhemer or james cameron. You cant go wrong with them directing. I think I spelledtge names right

  70. I just want to say that although I can agree with both sides of the argument, there has to be credit given…I mean honestly we can all sit here and say we could do a better job, but reality has to set in and show us that we have no idea what kind of pressure the directors are under. Beyond that it may have been a disappointment to most of the series fans but others enjoyed, and as citizens of a free world we are entitled to our opinions without such hostility. Now to conclude this rant which I am more than sure will be bashed, I have to say that I am the kind of person who needs closure and since the movie left us without an ending I need more. To be frankly honest, the director might not make us all happy, but they have creative rights to twist the story as they see fit to make what could be the longest movie ever made into a 90 minute powerhouse. I for one enjoyed the movie and am looking forward to the next. Yes I respect those who say that any other director would do better, but M. Night saw this movie through HIS eyes not what everyone else wanted. So to sum it up, I think we all need to respect the creative process regardless of our personal views on the series or the movie. We can’t all be perfect so let’s just try to get past this and find closure.

  71. Can i just say,i have just watched the last air bender and it was a brilliant film,the skill and training the guys must have done made the film spectacular,it was a great film, great actors and i personnaly thought ther sets were beautiful, i really hope they do another one,and if they looking for any extras im always available .xx

  72. Personally, I think the Last Air Bender was a fantastic movie and I personally cant wait for “2”. In my opinion no reboot is needed, the first movie is more about the back story and less fighting which is probably why most people didn’t enjoy it. If your a person like me I believe a backstory of your charcters is important to understand the decision making process, and help the characters connect to the audience. M. Night Shyamalan keep doing what you do. Some people will complain, and some will enjoy but at the end of the day, your doing what most people can’t and that alone is worth its weight in gold.

  73. I don’t get into anime but the first movie was amazing so I vote for a sequel. Hate me for it, I don’t really care but I don’t know what happens in the animated series so I love the movie.

  74. I liked the movie. When I look at these types of movie, I appreciate the spx. I’m not too critical on the storyline. The real entertainment is in the SPX. I’m looking forward to a sequel.

  75. I don’t understand all the hate. I never would have known the world of bending and the avatar had it bot been for the movie. Some people believe that every movie made has to be the same as the cartoon, comic book, novel, etc. It doesn’t. It was his vision and looking at it with fresh eyes, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It lead me to watch both cartoon series and I love them as well. People need to let go of preconceived notions and stop expecting movies to be a certain way. Suspend what you have experienced and take in something new. It doesn’t mean you have to stop appreciating the animated series for what it was. Sure there were some things that could have been better in the movie and maybe they will be addressed in the next movie. I for one am looking forward to it. It’s long overdue.

  76. Hahhahahaha! This is hilarious. I guess the fandom has been keeping me sheltered from the TLA-lovers.

  77. I actully really liked the effects and the fights but i have to admit that the story was a bit jumpy. That doesnt mean id want to watch the last airbender 2 or even 3. It was ok and I will watch it when they happen. If some one else decides to direct it later on then ill even watch those too!

  78. M. Night destroyed this movie it is horrible in every way imaginable, it’s all wrong in every way it needs to be rebooted. It is sad that he let down all the avatar fans, could have done much better job. M. Night is a horrible director nothing is right and even with the sequel it will be a tragity he should give up. Ima huge fan and the movie kills it. The actors act nothing like they should sokka isn’t funny at all they are do serious but in the show there is humor. I just hope Peter Jackson takes over and makes a badass avatar movie.

    • Exactly what I’m thinking the movie was a huge letdown to fans, it had no humor and Sokka(my favourite character in the series) wasn’t funny he wasn’t Sokka!!! : (

      I hate that movie and he shouldn’t be able to make another one!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

  79. It was a alright movie i think if it would have been based of the cartoon it would have been a lot better. Maybe for the second movie they may take that into thought and take more from the cartoon. I believe it would have been a better story if it was

  80. I really thought the movie was good if people didnt like it then have someone else direct it cause truthfully you cannot have a movie where at the end shows that there will be another movie and then not do the movie you NEED to keep the sequel going cause 1 is just not enough

  81. I honestly liked the first movie and I am a fan of the anime. I would love it if he finished it.

  82. The first movie was horrid!!! Another one? I think I’m going to die!!!!!!!

    If you want to know more about what I think of the first(I hoped only) movie look on about. : )

  83. I know all of you are going to hate me for this, but… I got TLA on a dvd copy two years ago and watched it. I do agree that this isn’t like the cartoon, but it does have some nice visuals and an epic music score from James Newton Howard. Aside from the other actors who did horrible with their performances, I think Noah Ringer did a great job as the title character. Gotta give another credit to Shyamalan for that.

  84. Your full of sh**! The Last Airbender is an awesome movie. Excellent and entertaining. Sont let the box office blunder fool ya. See it!

  85. Yes we all may believe that the last air Bender was a total waste of time due to the fact of how all of the characters names were completely mispronounced, the fire bending was completely misinterpreted and and most words were added. But besides that, it was still pretty good. Yes I would like to see a sequel to at least Finish to TV series instead of ending with a hook. Plus the characters Iro and fire lord ozzi look flip flopped.

  86. Should’ve been done All in one one filming & split in 2 Movies to make pol wait 3 years is ridiculous the kids going to be 5 yrs older in the next movie wen they only have 3 years til fire gets the comet

  87. The last airbender is a family movie my three children loved it i hope he does make the second and third movie

  88. All of you need to shut up! Night is a great director! His movies are amazing and original. It’s not his fault that you cannot get past the same old same old. You know what you all sound like? You sound like those people who judge parents on how they raise their children when you in fact do not have children yourself. As far as I know, none of you are film makers, writers or directors. You need to open up your eyes and see how good the movie really is for what it was. Three seasons into one film. I say Night keep up the good work and I really hope you make another one as I’m looking forward to it

    • season 2 has yet to be released; what are you talking about?
      As has been said time and again, we are upset with/about the “bait and switch”.

      We were baited to see a film by having partaken in the most spiritual, loving, adventurous, daring, humorous, series to date. However, the switch took place in that we were provided with a film that turned out to be its absolute opposite.

      As a fan, filmmaker, writer, and director, I can’t get PASSED that. Frankly, neither can my children.

  89. If he wants a great sequel then he needs to find a new director that will remake the first one and actually be true to the story, my oldest son and i would watch the series on nickelodeon and there i got pumped when it was coming to the big screen, along with the entire audience and everyone else that seen the movie, it was a complete let down. seriously a new director would make people maybe give it a 2nd chance. otherwise a airbender 3 should go straight to the $5 bin at walmart

  90. I think it was actualy a good movie, Im a fan of the anime and I think it was as loyal as it could be for a live action film based on a cartoon I actualy like them both the same, it had its glitches here and there but I think It was a nice interpretation on behalf of shyamalan. I wanna see book 2.

  91. Too everyone who posted here that a second, and even third, movie should be made to finish the series, just watch the cartoon. It tells the same story, only better.You’ll get the original, with all our favorite characters (personalities intact), firebending the way it should be, and the humor that was almost completely lacking from the movie.

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