Will Koh Make an Appearance in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra? [Update]


Who is Koh? Surely any true Avatar Fan remembers the notorious face-stealer who resides in The Spirit World. But if for some odd reason you don’t remember him, let me fill you in before I continue:

Koh is a centipede-like spirit who is well know for having a collection of faces in his arsenal. He has the ability to steal the face of any individual who shows emotion while in his presence.

Koh did not necessarily have a major role in The Last Airbender, but the justice he did the show in the short role he did have made me think: will he make his way back into Book 2 of The Legend of Korra? He certainly deserves it.

The main reason that I question this is solely due to the fact that Book 2 is titled Spirit. Korra will enter The Spirit World throughout the Book while also trying to learn the spiritual aspect of being the Avatar. I’d be very surprised if Korra doesn’t come in contact with Koh throughout her journeys.

There really is no proof or evidence that justifies Koh making an appearance in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra, but there is a likelihood. Koh is one of the oldest spirits in The Spirit World; he is also one of the most popular. While Korra advances through The Spirit World in Book 2 she will come in contact with many spirits, and she may converse with them. To think that Korra wouldn’t come in contact with the oldest, most dangerous spirit in The Spirit World is nearly baffling.

The Spirit World is synonymous with Koh because he is the most notorious spirit within the world. Even though we have no evidence or proof to back it up, it seems likely that Koh will at least make some sort of appearance during the course of Book 2.

Update: A user by the alias of Ult11 has reminded me that there actually is evidence that could prove Koh’s return to the show. Before Aang leaves Koh’s Cave in The Last Airbender, Koh quotes,”We’ll meet again.” Aang and Koh never met face-to-face again in the series, but it can be inferred that Koh meant that he’d meet another Avatar again. Besides, Koh had already met many of Aang’s past lives, why shouldn’t he meet his future lives?

Maybe he’ll help Korra defeat The Dark Spirit? Just a thought.

So what do you think: will Koh be in Book 2?

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  1. Excellent post !!

    • Thanks! I wrote it on my phone in a car ride out of town so I’m proud of my self 🙂

      I just had to write some more content for you guys.

      • always appreciated

      • I am really glad that you did! I really enjoy your blog. Yes, I am in college, but, even so, your posts make a true Avatar geek like me very, very happy!

        I think that a reappearance by Koh is highly possible.

      • Thanks for reading! It means a lot that you enjoy my blog and I’m happy to entertain the fandom in any way I can.

        And Avatar Geeks are the best kind of fans. Don’t be ashamed for liking Avatar even in college. It’s the people that are not into Avatar who are missing out 🙂

      • Im 28 years old employee and mom in another part of the world (Indonesia to be exact and thats in southeast asia) and a proud avatar-geek also…lol…and i love your blog so much !!!, its well written and informative (not spooky in bad-obsessed way but in nice exciting way !), keep on posting !! oh…and i shipped for irosami too !, is there any way to make this canon ?

      • Thank you! I really appreciate it!

        And yes, I will definitely continue posting – I love doing it!

  2. I think there actually might be some evidence. If I recall correctly, the last thing Koh says to Aang is: “We will meet again.” Now, he never meets AANG again, but you could interpret this to mean that he will meet another Avatar (possibly (and I think likely) Korra).

  3. Yea I was thinking about that a couple days ago

  4. Although Koh does say we will meet again in the book 1 finale, I think this was a reference to a video game they made which is suppose to be canonical and bridge the gap between books 2 and 3. Its called Escape from the Spirit World. Koh is involved in that. I think thats the extent of Koh in the Avatar World but I may be wrong. Heres a wiki link to it:


    • Nice find, never even knew the game existed.

      I would hope that the line wasn’t created just to bridge a video game. We’ll find out soon enough though, but thanks for letting me know.

  5. I don’t think koh will make an appearence on book 2. If you go to this link http://avatar.wikia.com/wiki/Koh And on the history tab, the last paragraph states (quote),”Before aang left,koh stated they would meet again which they did when aang found himself in the spirit world after being struck be azula’s lightning in he crystal catacombs of old ba sing se.koh then attempted to steal the young avatar’s face before he reconciled with the past avatars.” this probably happened on one of the last episodes that never got aired. Part of it is on youtube.

  6. okay….i thought you had fact, everybody know what he said…we have to wait and see.
    it up to the creators/spirits. 😛

  7. When and how do you think the Krew will meet the dark spirit?

    • The Krew will probably meet TDS sometime during book 2 once Korra learns that she is disrupting balance. This will probably force Korra to enter the spirit world and become more spiritual.

  8. Do you think we will get any mention of the equalists or any aftermath of them in season two?

    • Even though we probably should, we won’t. It’s been 6 months since the regime ended so there would be no reason to bring it up.

      • If Amon hadn’t been revealed to be a fraud…he would’ve just become a martyr and the rebellion may have continued. What will all those chi-blockers do with their new found skill and no way to use them? History has shown that soldiers don’t fair too well during peace time…Knights turned to jousting.

  9. Sorry but Shay wants to make a ship tally table so she wanted me to find out who you ship… Terrible sorry just blame shay….

  10. Do you think we will find out If Toph and The Duke got married in season two?

  11. -Do you think that we will get a flashback of thefirebemder that killed Mako and Bolins parents.

  12. And they might dig up the spirit library from the desert also since it contains knowledge on the spirit world

  13. I don’t know but if koh mgiht be in season two but he was not a huge part in the series just in book 1 in the last airbender so we might is him in the legend of korra I am up to it are you.

  14. he be clibin in yo windows snatchin yo faces up!

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