April Will be a Huge Month for The Legend of Korra

A couple days ago, I stumbled upon a tweet by April Stewart (voice actress) in which she proclaimed that she’d have to keep her mouth shut about The Legend of Korra until April. This led me to speculate that April 2013 could be the release date for Book 2 of The Legend of Korra.

While I still believe that this is true, Book 2 releasing in April is not the only speculations that can be made from Stewart’s tweet. As I have previously said, something will have to happen in April to allow voice actors to start talking more about The Legend of Korra. And even if Book 2 doesn’t release in April, further speculation still leads me to believe that April will be a big month for The Legend of Korra.

One thing that could happen sometime during the month is a huge Book 2 reveal. If it were to happen, it would most likely be something along the lines of what we saw at Comic-Con. We’d get a Book 2 trailer, Mike, Bryan and the voice actors would talk about the Book, and we’d probably get an official Book 2 release date too.

I think it’s safe to expect something like this, provided the fact that Book 2 doesn’t premiere during April 2013.

So what do you think: will April be the month that Book 2 is revealed, or will it be the month that Book 2 is aired?

22 Responses

  1. I really hope it is airing and not being revealed in April. In fact, I want it to air before that, and I think they should be able to air it earlier. Maybe April is when a super-awesome book finale airs? I don’t know, this is just what I want to happen.

  2. Good then then we know when book two will air on nickolodeon. But if it does not air on April a lot of fans will be mad I mean a lot fans will be mad at nickolodeon so thats all we know for right.

  3. why would you be disapointed, it only one voice actress who posted an uncomfired tweet, and if you are like me who didn’t like the season plot holes, but love the animation and sound track (it went to the wire for the sound to be put in to the episode check http://avatarthelastairbenderonline.com/track-team-excited-compose-music/)

    then it being late is no big deal.

    But i bet if there are plot hole in season 2 it aren’t going to be fix, cause i doubt they had time to change the story. Let hope book 3@4 are better written or given more epsiode.

    • It’s not an “unconfirmed tweet”. I tweeted her asking for confirmation on what would happen in April and all she said was us LoK fans would be happy and that she can’t tell us.

  4. “I’ll be a little disapointed” good thing take time.

  5. …………..Bryan and Mike should really hire you for fandom detective or something because this is really good!

  6. Do you think amon is really dead? My dad and my best friend thinks that he waterbent a wall to prevent himself from exploding and then escaped to come back in later seasons. What do you think?

    • I think he’s dead. Mike and Bryan said that each book would have its own plot line so I don’t think they would save Amon for another book.

      • Although thank you! Time to get into a legend of Korra battle with the people ive come to know and love about good ol Amon! Thanks again!

    • He dead and what the point they already wrap up the equalist plot, leader is a bender, there for you all lied, there for you are bad, and can’t win. the end. worst finale ever. But i do like korra compare to other stuff, the finale just wasn’t up to par.

  7. Quick question: Mike and Brian mentioned we might get a glipse of the origins of the avatar in Book 2, so do you think the first avatar will be male, female, or somekind of genderless being/spirit thing?

    • Never even thought that the first Avatar could be a spirit being, but that’s good speculation. I think the first Avatar will be male. But obviously I’m not entirely sure.

      • Yeah I was thinking male too. Another question: My friends and I get into debates about this all the time, did Amon know that Tarrlok was going to kill them? I say no he had no idea, but they think because of his single Amon tear he knew. I still argue he didn’t know but what do you think?

      • I beleive that Amon did not know that Tarrlock was going to kill them. I think that the tear represents the happiness that Amon felt since he was about to enter a state in his life where he is finally settled and happy that he and is bro are reunited.

      • Ya I’m gonna have to agree. I believe he sheds that tear when Tarrlok says, “It’ll be just like the good old days”. I think he was remembering the childhood they had together. The only time where he (Amon) was truly happy.

  8. Question: when you posted that one post about book two after the comIc con, there was a
    Picture that was of team avatar walking around the streets of republic city. Where did that come from?

    P.S. love the idea of the news letter!

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