Picture of Zuko from Book 2 of The Legend of Korra Leaked

Editor’s Note: I just learned that this leak is not exactly new, it’s been out for a bit but it hasn’t spread across the internet very well. So if you haven’t seen it, you have now. If you have seen it, I apologize.

Update: Nico, a commentor on this blog, provided a link proving that this image is indeed fake. You can view the link in the comment section below. Thank you, Nico for providing us with this information.

After browsing through some forums and comment boards, I came across storyboard art that depicted a man with a scar accompanied by his wife and daughter. If you’re an Avatar Fan to any degree, you’d know that the characters in this picture are Zuko, Mai and their daughter who is currently the Fire Lord of the Avatar World.

We’ve known for quite some time now that Zuko is indeed alive during the course of The Legend of Korra, but we never knew if we’d ever see him. Based on this picture, it looks like we can confirm that we’ll at least see him in flashback form.

Another thing to note is that Dante Basco said in an interview that he had a role in the “third or fourth” episode of Book 2. Maybe he is voice acting Zuko in a flashback rather than General Iroh II? After all, it’s not like Zuko was ever a kid in The Last Airbender. His voice could have stayed the same.

That would be amazing to see.

This storyboard sketch also dismisses the rumors that Zuko and Mai may have broken up after The Last Airbender concluded. Even though this picture is just a sketch, we can clearly tell that the woman to the right of Zuko is Mai (Her hair is very distinct).

Book 2 just keeps getting better and better. Hopefully it does come out within out predicted time frame.

If you’re a Zuko fan, maybe you’ll enjoy this novel Zuko’s back story.

35 Responses

  1. Thi is wonderful? How do you do this??!!!

  2. Do we know the name of zuko’s daughter?

  3. Well Iam kind of of superise that Fire Lord Zuko is still alive but we all know that Katara is still alive to. But that Zuko and Mai child is the new Fire Lord, but what will happen to General Iroh II is book two.

  4. Ok sorry but my friend will not stop bugging me about this and she just won’t write this herself. Do you really think Asami and Mako broke up in Skeletons in the Closet? I don’t really mind one way or anOther but apparently she does.

    • Yes, they did break up. I can see why your friend thinks they didn’t, but it’s pretty much Makorra now. And that relationship is expected to be further developed in Book 2.

      • Alright! Thank you! Hopefully we can now get over that ship!

      • So is Asami gonna be super pissed at Korra or what?

      • There will definitely be tension. In fact, there was always tension that went unresolved especially in the finale, but the fight for Republic City kind of took the attention away.

      • I seriously doubt it. In six months they have probaly had a nice heart felt talk and straightened everything out. They’re probaly now behaving life sisters. Maybe Asami will find happiness with Nolin or Iroh.

  5. Zuko’s daughter kinda looks like Azula

  6. So my sister and I were looking in the Internet last night and we came across an episode that supposedly had been leaked last season. It was call the Festival of the Ehite Lotus Bloom. Do you think that one water tribe party the Krew goes to is that? If so do you think it is possible that name could be a title of episode one or two or something like that? Thanks!

  7. Wait, are you saying that Book 2 Episode 1 was leaked, and you watched it???

    • No I just read the source (thanks for the email sherv). It was basically a list of potential Book 1 titles and one of them seemed like they could be the title for episode 1 of Book 2. But after reading into it, it’s not likely.

    • No I’m just saying I have a hunch on the episode title

  8. Alright I am terribly sorry for bothering you yet again today and with this kind of subject at that but my friend really wants to know this and she’s been a bit stressed today so I thought I’d do a little research for her to try and lighten her spirits. Here’s what she’s been wondering:
    If you had to choose as of now who do you think Asami would end up with. You van send me a list of people or if you are hereby sick of me you don’t have to answer at all. Either way, thanks!

    • I am always open to questions, so don’t be afraid to ask anytime 🙂

      As for your question, the only candidate that I see for Asami is General Iroh 2. Him or another unintroduced character.

  9. Alright by the way I am Sherv but just changed the name thingy to Ashes. Sherv was the first letter of my friends and me’s names but they didn’t like that idea so they told me to change it to my nickname. Well anyway, my same friend wanted me to ask you if you think Tahno, Kirima, or Nolin’s current girlfriend will join Team Avatar. Sorry but she’s finally starting to cheer up and I want to keep it that way.

    • I don’t understand this obsession with Tahno. I really hope it doesn’t join. They’d really have to make it so getting his bending taken away changed him significantly. Right now I can’t see anyone joining that has already been introduced. I’d bet on a low key new character joining in the next book though. Or just have Aang be more of a presence in the show.

    • It is possible, but I don’t think Team Avatar will be getting any new additions during this Book. Maybe in Book 3 or 4.

  10. Just found out that this picture is a fake. Drawn by someone at the New York Anime Festival. Heres the link.


  11. Ok yeah sorry about bringing up Tahno I know you could care less about him. I’m not Rahno obsessed, Shay is. But yeah I hereby promise never to mention Tahno unless absoutly nessasary again. Avatar promise.

  12. Actually Zuko and Mai did break up in Avatar The Promise (The prequel to Legend Of Korra) this just shows that they made up ^_^

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