Interview with The Legend of Korra Cast Reveals More Book 2 Details

In an interview with IGN, the cast and the creators of The Legend of Korra further discussed Book 2 and the characters of the Avatar World. Most of the information covered had already been addressed at the Comic-Con, but there were a few new details that I was able to scrape up from the interview.

I put them into a bulleted format for your viewing pleasure:

  • Mako becomes a cop to find a name for himself.
  • Book 2 will focus heavily on exploring the Spirit World and the Avatar State.
  • Mike and Bryan hinted at a specific flashback that they think fans will really enjoy. The flash back has something to do with the Avatar’s Legacy.
  • Book 2 will delve deeper into romantic arcs. This means that specific relationships may be developed.
  • Korra and Mako are together, but their relationship is a bit difficult because both have gone their separate ways: Korra is now a fully realized Avatar while Mako is a Cop.
  • Hiroshi Sato is now in prison.
  • Bolin is now in a relationship of his own. Bolami anyone?

The only thing that really interests me here is the flashback. I think it would be really cool to possibly see how the Avatar originated.

52 Responses

  1. Cool, wish we had a specific release date for book2

  2. this is too much romance. i’m out.

    • Oh for goodness sake, ANOTHER story with love triangles? Love triangles are so overdone that they’re no longer boring, they’re down right annoying now.
      I was hoping that for once I’d finally get to see a storyline about a female hero that didn’t have romance as one of the main themes, but I guess that’s not gonna happen. Really disappointing considering how much potential Korra had as an interesting character who could hold her own.
      I tried to hold on, even after last season’s finale, but with this? I’m out too.

    • No no noooo. I’m sorry but it was poorely played in book 1 and I can’t stand to watch more “romance” and “love triangles”. Beginning to suspect the main female character means = must have loads of romance.
      I’m out too

  3. I’m holding out for Bo/Lin.

  4. I just want Borra to happen. Too much drama ; m ;

  5. eugh more romance?

  6. Lin’s dad, maybe?

  7. bolami? god i hope not! what a slap in the face to bolins character. his brothers ex? like theyre some sort of cancellation prize for each other? ugh.

    • I really hope that doesn’t happen either. They deserve much more than being “paired spares”. Also I think Asami probably has enough of romance after her last boyfriend cheated on her with her so called friend.

  8. So… Tahno… I guess he’s not going to be in the main cast?
    What a waste.
    he first season didn’t even hold my interest after episode four, mainly because of the romance. Now there’ll be MORE OF IT? Romance tied into an avatar-state/spiritual-exploration theme? I get the feeling this isn’t going to be very satisfying.

    CAN KORRA JUST BE HER OWN PERSON? Why, WHY, does she need Mako-? She doesn’t. I feel like they’re just catering to the shippers at this point.

  9. More romance? God, you’ve got to be kidding me. The LoK writers cannot write romance to save their lives.

  10. more romance egh!! 😦
    i can’t even stand mako and korra being together

  11. “Romance will be much more prominent in Book 2.
    Korra and Mako are together, but their relationship is a bit difficult because both have gone their separate ways: Korra is now a fully realized Avatar while Mako is a Cop.” NO. PLEASE. NO PROMINENT ROMANCE. NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING. PLEASE. Why do you have to ruin everything that was good?

    • The thought of Mako being a cop makes me puke too. Wasn’t this the same guy who threatened to burn off someone’s face and destroyed parking tickets? Bryke is just trying to find another way to make their precious golden boy look cool :/

      • Yep, but don’t you know, it’s okay to threaten to burn someone’s face off because it means that Mako loves Korra for 5ever and is no way an indication that Mako might have some serious issues he needs to work on.

        (For the record, that was sarcasm.)

  12. MORE Romance?! More love triangles? Why on earth are they doing this? I’m not watching anymore.

  13. Are you sure you didn’t mishear Bolin NOW being in a relationship? You mean he’s already in a relationship by the start of Book 2? I feel cheated that we never saw that develop! Or did they mean an upcoming romance arc, the one that has to do with the bizarre romance?

    • It was a bit unclear. It basically said that he IS in a relationship but it can go either way, especially since book 2 takes place 6 months after book 1.

  14. Why did you even make a new avatar series. Why not just write a highschool drama if all you really want to write is romance. Or, if you insist on shoehorning romance in the series, why not expand your writing staff so that the romance/plot balance is even (the way it was in TLA). Do you guys know how many people were disappointed in your season finale?

    • We’re not the creators of the show. His is an unofficial fan blog. And yes there were quite a bit of people disappointed with the finale.

    • I agree with fnobryke. They should just write high school drama if crappy romance is all they care about.

    • Tell me about it. I got my hopes up because the first four episodes were so great, but then episode 5 attacked. Really, with the exception of the introduction of Tahno and maybe the Borra date to a certain extent, that entire episode was a waste of space.

      By the way, “But then episode 5 attacked” should be a meme to describe this series going downhill.

      You are so right about the high school drama. Why would I want to watch that? I went to high school already. It was annoying. I was not personally involved in that much romance drama, but for some reason everyone liked to tell me about their drama.

      I wouldn’t hate romance in this series as long is it was decently developed and in the background where it belonged. But even so, romance should be the absolute lowest priority when dealing with a story involving spirituality, government corruption, and complex social issues.

  15. I hope that the flashback they’re referring to is about Mako and Bolin’s parents! I mean c’mon, they’ve already fed us some of the old team avatar.

  16. Noone cares about Mako., yes to more spirit world and everything else but not Makorra, forced relationship

  17. What is wrong with you people, some people actually find the show interesting I mean romance is pretty much apart of every tv show, and there’s more to LoK than that.

  18. I’m so happy!!! I WANT TO SEE THE FLASHBACK SO BAD. I’m so excited for season two. But are you sure that there will be 4 seasons? (4 books)

  19. So it’s pretty much all over for Bolin/Korra… Why did they even hint that if they ended it in THE SAME EPISODE it began?
    We”ll just end up seeing resolved, forced and immutable romances in all four books…

  20. Let’s all calm down and take a deep breath.

    So the relationship stuff didn’t work out last season. Bryke have feedback now yeah? They’ll be able to take some of this feedback and channel it into something super for next season (hopefully).

    I for one am really excited for next season. And yeah I’d like to see some Tahno too though I’d much rather see development of existing team avatar.

    • no it’s too late. They had already gotten most of season 2 done by the time season 1 started airing. Whatever “feedback” they get from fans probably won’t make it until Season 3 or 4. Which means we probably have to see more Mako glorification and stomach more Makorra. Bleh.

  21. I do not want Bosami to become canon, not only as a active Broh shipper, but as an Avatar/Korra fan in general, it does not seem wise to just ‘pair the spares’ Bolin is Asami’s ex’s brother, which all-in-all seems rather awkward. The two need just find their own love, now a sibling sorta relationship between then would be just fine. 🙂

    • Agreed. I’m officially an Irosami shipper anyways. But to be honest I could care less who gets with who, I just want an awesome storyline that doesn’t seem rushed. Oh, and character development too.

    • Yeah, I agree. I really have no problem with Bosami even though I don’t ship it myself. But, I think that it will be horribly written if it was canon and come across as Bolin and Asami just settling for each other because they could never be with someone as cool as Korra and Mako respectively.

      So, I have no problem with Bosami itself because there are some nice fanworks out there for it. But, I don’t trust Bryke to write it and not make me despise it. Really, I liked all the pairings in A:TLA. But with LOK, the only pairings I despise are the canon ones, which I feel is an indication that Bryke sucks at writing romance and they really aren’t that good at writing without their writing staff.

      I do hope for Bosami friendship though especially since by the end of season one Bolin seems like the only person who still cares about Asami. Oh yeah, I ship Broh too.

  22. Dear GOD. So the rushed, lusty, Makorra is center stage once again; Bolin and Asami are STILL overlooked; Mako, aka: ‘the parking ticket burner’ is a COP? And not to mention, we NEVER saw Mako OFFICIALLY break up with Asami? That’s not how relationships work.

    Forgive me, but let me just say this.
    BRYKE. What the hell are you doing!? You had a wonderful first run. But now you’re turning into M. Night Shymalamadingdong. Please, if you’re going to cater to shippers, cater to the shippers with the RIGHT values in relationships. How can you call this a follow up to A:TLA? The Last Airbender had so much good and so little bad. It had character development, chemistry instead of rushed romance, and NO ONE was overlooked. Not even Momo.
    If you can come up with anything better than the first season of LOK, I may put you back up on the high pedestal I had for you guys before this god awful miniseries.

    And as for the namesake Mako, you’re not doing it justice.

    • All of this is true. And once again, it pisses me off that whenever we have a potentially cool show with a female protagonist that her life has to revolve around men/romance. Guess what? My life does not revolve around romance and the same goes for most women. If I had to deal with a complicated conflict like the Equalist Movement, my main concern would be working on that, not trying to get into someone’s pants.

      I really think that Bryke never should have named a main character after Mako because now Mako the character has turned into a giant creator’s pet. Bryke can’t admit that there is anything wrong with the way they are writing him and they dismiss anyone who has constructive criticsm of him as a crazy fan. The fact that Mako is a motorcycle cop when almost all the other cops were shown to be metalbenders (not sure if I should count Tarrlok’s waterbender task force as cops or not) just screams of Bryke trying way too hard to make Mako look cool.

      Mako the actor was a cool guy who was an activist for better representation of Asian-American people in the media. Mako the character is a creator’s pet who gets away with every mistake he makes and who the writers are trying to hard to make look cool.

      And yes, if they want to have romance, it should be in the background and it should be with the right values that go into creating a healthy, respectful relationship. Right now the message of LOK is that “cheating is a-okay, as long as you really like the person you’re doing it with, you keep stringing your significant other along, and you barely apologize for anything.”

      In A:TLA Katara and Aang’s relationship had several months of friendship proceeding it. Even though I didn’t like Mai/Zuko much at first due to the part where they got together off-screen, “The Beach” warmed me up to it. That’s because when Zuko was being a jerk to Mai, Mai called him out on it and told him that him having a difficult past did not excuse the way he had been acting. (Compare this to some of the Mako fans who justify Mako’s jerk behavior with “But he had a difficult childhood”.) Later on Mai and Zuko make up, but Zuko is clearly trying to improve his relationship with her and control his temper. When Zuko left to go help Team Avatar, it was made clear that he felt bad about hurting Mai to do it and Mai later called him out on it.

  23. Well that sucks. All of the romance in LOK is horrible and really dragged down the plot. I was really hoping that LOK would be even more progressive than A:TLA was since it has a female lead but nope.
    Bryke ended up following the ridiculous and anti-feminist cliche that a story with a female lead must focus on romance because don’t you know, women’s lives totally revolve around men, even if there is more important stuff going on.

    Not to mention, I hate the way Korra treated Asami throughout the series and how they reinforced the notion that being feminine =prissiness and that feminine girls are only worthy of respect if it turns out they have more stereotypical masculine hobbies like race car driving at fighting. What a lovely message to send to the audience Bryke. Korra and Asami could have had an awesome friendship, but instead the get banished to the corners of the love triangle.

    I also think that Mako being a cop is a way of making him look cool but all it does for me is reinforce his creator’s pet status.

  24. I really hope Mako and Korra don’t break up. That would TOTALLY ruin the magic and warmth of the story. I’m excited to see more of Aang. Since the second season is about the spirit world. But season 3 and 4 is just too much…bryke, season 2 is a good ending. Season 1 was already epic enough. But 3 more seasons is just…too much. And I might loose interest then. I hope to see more of Aang and Katara’s children. ❤ But again, if Korra and Mako break up, that would be really, really…really disapointing. But on the other side, why should they? Korra is loyal and brave. Mako is somewhat the same but, more of a cool guy. I mean, he's not going to break up TWICE. Especialy with korra, the freackin avatar. :/ She has done more for him than anyone else ever could. So pleeeaaase don't let them break up. ;W;

    • Yeah, because nothing is more heartwarming than two assholes who barely have anything in common and who screwed over their friends, brother and girlfriend in order to make their relationship work.

    • No, Mako and Korra definitely need to break up. They have little to no chemistry whatsoever.

    • LOL “Korra has done more for him than anyone else could do”
      riiiight because Asami (the actual selfless girlfriend) didn’t do anything for him? Your shipper logic is astounding.

      • It always makes me mad when people don’t acknowledge that Asami and Lin are the most selfless characters in the show. Let’s see, Asami turned against her father, her only parent to do what she thought was right. In spite of her boyfriend and her so-called “friend” (Korra) going behind her back and Mako refusing to end their relationship until the very last minute, Asami still fights against the Equalist Movement because Asami believes that that is the right thing to do. Lin also ends up sacrificing her bending to save Tenzin and his family and refuses to tell Amon where Korra is in order to keep her bending. So, Lin and Asami are awesome.

        Korra is a selfish brat. She stops caring about Asami after episode 7. Korra doesn’t let Mako kiss her in episode 11, not because Asami is sleeping 20 feet away but because she doesn’t want to get hurt again. (See the reading of that script at Comic-Con.) Also, Mako is a douche for not finding any time to end his relationship with Asami “because of the conflict going on”, but apparently finding time to try to make out with Korra in the same room that Asami is sleeping in.

        Korra also gets her bending and a fully mastered version of the Avatar State at the end of the season even though she has not become more spiritual at all. Korra also gets to have Mako, even though Mako and Asami’s breakup was so ambigous that there was no way to tell that they even broke up. Korra also has to suffer no consequences for all the nasty comments she made about Asami throughout the series or even apologize for actively working to break Mako and Asami up while they were dating.

        To summarize, screw Mako and Korra. I’m really only watching season two for Asami and the rumors of Bolin getting character development. Some of the new characters look interesting, but I don’t think that they should introduce too many new characters when so many of the current characters are underdeveloped.

  25. On tumblr, I have heard that Korra’s cousin Patarlock (Inuit for quiet) will have a crush on Mako…as if another person has to be introduced just to get hurt by this yucky top.

    • Ew. I don’t know if that’s true or not, due to it being a tumblr rumor (unless you have a more official source), but it honestly wouldn’t surprise me. Mako is such a Gary Stu it’s unbelievable. Let’s see, he was one of the main causes of plot and character derailment and the fact that so many people fawn over him is ridiculous. He got away with cheating on Asami (and barely owned up to it) and now he and Korra get to date each other, in spite of them both screwing over half of their social group. Ikki and Jinora think Mako is dreamy and handsome, so that’s already four women and girls who have liked Mako at some point. Do we really need to add another?

      I really don’t get why Bryke made Korra the hero of the show. They both like to kiss Mako’s ass so much, so why not just make a really obnoxious show called “Everyone Loves Mako?” Or write high school AU fanfic, since that’s clearly what they want to do.

      This probably sounds bad of me, but I kind of hope Mako does cheat on Korra because why wouldn’t he? The moral of his story is that cheating on your significant other is okay as long as you never own up to it, try to blame your brother for your significant other being mad at you over it, and you really like the person you’re cheating with.

      Plus, I actually do want to like Korra whereas I’ve only briefly cared about Mako. So, something like that might actually make Korra feel some damn empathy for once and realize that she and Mako did to Asami was wrong. Not to mention, an acknowledgment that Mako is a jerkass would be nice. The “but confused teenager” excuse doesn’t fly with me. Plenty of teenagers and younger children know that Mako was being a jerk. The only people who can’t admit it are the rabid Mako fans, oh and the two adult men who wrote the show.

      Right now, Mako’s clearly a creator’s pet and the writers keep trying to obnoxiously force the audience to think he’s cool. There’s the fact that four (or possibly five) women and girls have so far thought he was handsome or had crushes on him, or where involved with him romantically. Not to mention, there’s the stupid motorcycle cop thing. Last I checked, all cops were metalbenders so it would be more logical for Bolin to learn metalbending and be a cop. Oh, and apparently Mako now has cheesy one-liners and tells jokes. I thought that was Bolin’s thing. Mako is essentially a blank slate inconsistent character who randomly picks up new traits.

      He sort of reminds me of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen from Twilight, who are both giant sues. Mako has lots of girls fawning over him for no reason, kind of like how lots of boys fawn over Bella for no reason. He also gets instantly forgiven for anything bad he does, like Edward.

      So, I bet eventually since everyone loves Mako, Pema will dump Tenzin in order to compete with Lin who gets to date Mako in a brand new Pema/Mako/Lin triangle. Because women can’t be friends with each other because all of them end up in love triangles as a defining part of their character and must degrade each other to win a man’s affects. Because your life is incomplete without a man. Wow, LOK is such a feminist and pro-woman show, isn’t it? I know I feel empowered. (/sarcasm)

  26. Now I’m getting a feeling that korra season one will be like the first star wars prequel in terms of mediocrity, and then korra season two, like attack of the clones, will be even worse because of the prevalence of forced romance, garbage romantic dialogue and angsty cliches for the sake of cheap drama like “I love you but I can’t be with you and I suffer because of it”. Man, I’d like to be optimistic and say that so many people absolutely despise Mako, whereas the fangirls that love him are a vocal minority that will grow out of it once they get older and find out that real relationships are not like the ones you might see in a chick flick. When Bryke first said that they wanted a “cheesy teen romance” because they were “cornballs,” I knew this was going to be a teen melodrama show, with only the “main” oppression conflict in the background. It really does look like these guys would be more suited to writing crappy teen stuff than writing a good fiction stories. Get out of young adult fiction in general and start writing a new gossip girl show or something. From the angsty, breakfast-clubby atrocity that was “The Beach” in the original series to this stupid romantic plot tumor coming up in the next season, I think perhaps these guys might be a couple of stereotypical relationship-obsessed, fanfic-writing teenage girls in the bodies of two grown men. And I have to agree on the “feminism” part, since for all the praise of this show for being feminist due to a female main character, it does not immediatley exempt the show from sexism or criticisms of sexism.

    • To be fair to teenage girls, there are plenty of them who do not care for the excessive, badly written romance in LOK. For example, a 17-year-old girl runs the korracritique blog on tumblr. Also, just because someone writes/reads romance fanfiction, it doesn’t mean that they want excessive romance in the show. It’s also clear that full-grown men can be obsessed with badly written romance (Bryke) and there are men and teenaged boys who like Mako/Makorra too.

      For example, I like shipping fanfiction and I used to ship almost everything when LOK came out, but that was just something I did for fun. When I watch the actual show, I want a focus on the plot with romance either in the background or nonexistent. (Besides, I usually prefer crackships and it’s not like those will become canon anyway.) I am also not a teenager.

      Anyway, I kind of thought that the “silly romance” would be in the background when I heard about it, so I guess you’re better at predicting romantic plot tumors than I am. I thought Masami was the silly romance in question (because of Mako’s goofball expression when he meets Asami) and that it would be in the background.

      Yes, “The Beach” had some problems, but I think it does have some redeeming features. For example, Azula’s issues with her mother get brought up for the first time, which makes her eventually breakdown in the finale more understandable. Also, this episode shows that Mai isn’t going to put up with Zuko being an angry jerkass around her because having a bad past doesn’t excuse Zuko from treating her and other people like crap. (And later episodes show Zuko trying to improve his relationship with Mai and control his temper.)

      Compare this to some of Mako’s fans who justify his jerk behavior almost never being called out with “but tragic past” and “but confused teenager.” We know almost nothing about Mako’s past besides “dead parents because of firebender”, so his past doesn’t even explain his behavior at all and having a tragic past doesn’t give you the right to treat people like crap, (And Mako is an inconsistently written character anyway.) I don’t like the teenager excuse either because most teenagers do not behave like Mako. For an in-universe example, Asami and Bolin are also teenagers and they are not jerks.

      I do wish LOK would get better because I loved the idea of this series (Cool action show with great animation and music and a lead protagonist who is a woman of color? Yes please.) I really liked the first four episodes but unfortunately it looks like this series is going to continue to go downhill, unless Bryke can actually admit that they made same writing mistakes instead of dismissing everyone who has any criticism of the series as being a hater.

      I was planning on watching season two for Asami and Bolin, but that’s about it. Otherwise, it’s just good critique fodder.

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