The Legend of Korra Book 2 Speculation: The Villain

This is a series where we speculate everything there is to know about Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. We have currently covered speculation on the book’s setting and character development. Today we focus on the book’s villain.

At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Mike and Bryan revealed a lot of information regarding Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. One of the major reveals was the identity of the book’s villain: The Dark Spirit, who will be voiced by Grey DeLisle, the voice actress of Azula.

Despite the fact that we know little about this future antagonist, we can certainly speculate (and most likely confirm) that this new antagonist will be a spirit residing in the Spirit World. One important factor we cannot confirm, however, is the threat level of this new villain. In case you are unfamiliar, the threat level is essentially how threatening or dangerous a villain is to society.

So far, every villain created by Mike and Bryan has been a threat to society. Ex-Fire Lord Ozai had an entire Nation fighting with him while he tried to take over the entire Avatar World. Amon used his power of taking bending away as leverage in order to gain support as he tried to eliminate benders in Republic City.

So how exactly is The Dark Spirit a threat to society?

If you ask me, I believe that The Dark Spirit will be similar to Ex-Fire Lord Ozai and Amon in that she will have a large following. The difference, however, could be that The Dark Spirit’s followers are Spirit World monsters. This type of scenario could be extremely dangerous for Team Avatar because anyone who has control of the spirits must be seen as a major threat. Avatar Aang showed that he could just barely fend off one spirit (Hay-Bai), and he didn’t even technically defeat it. So how can we expect Korra to defeat an entire army of Spirit World Monsters if taking on just one has proven to be troublesome? And if Korra has to enter the Avatar State just to defeat a single Spirit World monster, (shown in Comic-Con) then Mako, Bolin and company don’t even stand a chance of helping Korra. Not to mention that The Dark Spirit will likely have dangerous abilities of her own.

That’s just my prediction as to what The Dark Spirit could bring to the table in terms of a threat, but I also have a small prediction regarding The Dark Spirit’s back story.

What if The Dark Spirit was actually Azula’s spirit now that she’s most likely diseased? Mike and Bryan already have Azula’s voice actress (Grey DeLisle) returning to play the part. I realize that this theory seems far-fetched, but with the amount of information we currently have about the villain, nothing is impossible. I guess you can treat this as something to chew on as you await some more Legend of Korra news. But out of all this, one thing we can safely assume is that the Spirit World is not the same friendly place we’re accustomed to.

It’s starting to look like Book 2 will feature the dangerous side of The Spirit World. All along we’ve seen how the Spirit World has helped past Avatars. Now we will see The Spirit World cause havoc on the very society the Avatar is meant to protect.

Because the Avatar is the bridge between the Spirit World and the Physical World, it’ll be interesting to see how Team Avatar attempts to fight this battle together. But the way I currently see it, Korra may be on her own this time around.

I certainly hope this is not the case.

Bottom Line Prediction: The Dark Spirit could have an army of Spirit World Monsters at her disposal, and she could be the spirit of Azula.

3 Responses

  1. please don’t be Azula dark spirt! it would be like Amon being a charater we already met like all the so called fans were saying, what would be the point of them being turned into a new charater? only the avatar can do that! flash backs are the only time you should bring back an old character!

  2. The character has nothing to do with Azula.Same voice actor can play different characters that are not related in the same show. It looks like some spirits are against the technological advances that made many people became less spiritual in Korra’s world.

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