Legend of Korra Comic Con Panel Recap: Book 2 Information

The Legend of Korra Comic Con panel is now over and it definitely dished out some interesting information for us to chew on for the duration of the Summer.

The panel opened up with a montage of clips from Book 1 of The Legend of Korra. Afterwards, Mike, Bryan and the Voice Actors arrived on the stage to answer some questions. Nothing particularly interesting was said, but after the questionnaire, the voice actors began voice acting scenes from Book 1.

After the voice acting was finished, Mike and Bryan went into Book 2 discussion.

Book 2 will be titled Spirits, just as we predicated earlier, and the opening scene will depict Korra and the Gang at festival in the Southern Watertribe. Based on the appearance of the Southern Watertribe, the tribe has grown significantly in the last decades.

Here are some bullet points recapping the rest of the information:

  • Korra will venture out into the Spirit world in Book 2.
  • Asami takes over her fathers Satomobile business.
  • Bumi will be in the Southern Watertribe too, with his pink earmuffs.
  • We will see more of Korra’s parents in Book 2.
  • Pro-Bending will return and two new players are seen with Bolin.
  • Korra can successfully go in and out of the Avatar State with ease to help herself and others.
  • Mako becomes a cop.
  • Korra is mentored by her uncle OOdalak, who lives in the Northern Watertribe.
  • ‘Spirit Creatures’ seem to be one of the season’s antagonists.
  • Two writers from The Last Airbender were brought in to work on Season 2 so Bryan can focus more on design and art.

The Panel ended with the audience imitating the Pro bending crowd.

Picture and Video Updates:

Spirit Creatures (Antagonists):

Korra’s New Outfit:

Tenzin’s New Outfit:

Bolin’s New Outfit:

Mako’s New Outfit:

Asami’s New Outfit:

Asami’s Amelia Earhart Outfit:

Verick – Friend of Bolin; Described as a Ladies Man

Korra’s Uncle OOdalak:

Korra’s Twin Cousins’ Faces (OOdalak’s Daughters)


Korra’s Father:

Bumi and his Pink Earmuffs:

Watertribe Festival Image:

Watertribe Festival Banquet Hall:

Spirit World Concept:

Southern Air Temple:

Southern Air Temple:

Glowing Spiritual Energy:

Closer Look at Energy:

Snowstorm Korra gets Trapped in:

Well that was exciting! I’ll try to get some images and videos up on this post as soon as possible. Keep checking back and Bookmark.

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  1. Eep! Thanks for the pics!

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