Book 4 of The Legend of Korra Confirmed, Expected to be Last Book in the Series

A few days ago, we reported that 26 more episodes of The Legend of Korra were ordered. The big question at the time was how these 26 episodes were going to be divided: Would they all be devoted to one book, or would they be split up into two books?

Bryan Konietzko cleared it up for us on his Tumblr yesterday by explaining that the 26 additional episodes would be broken up into Book 3 and Book 4, each containing 13 episodes. Here is the breakdown directly from Tumblr:

–Book 1 = 12 episodes

–Book 2 = 14 episodes

–Book 3 = 13 episodes

–Book 4 = 13 episodes

–TOTAL = 52 episodes

Bryan also said that he and Mike plan on wrapping up the Korra storyline at the close of Book 4. Now this is interesting because Mike and Bryan had originally ‘planned’ for Korra to be a mini series. They then ‘planned’ for Korra to consist of 2 Books. Now the creators have created a new ‘plan’ to wrap up The Legend of Korra at Book 4.

The Legend of Korra has essentially evolved from a 12 episode mini series to a 4 Book, 52 episode series. What I’m basically getting to is that plans change, and this new plan for having 4 Books could very well evolve into a new plan for having 5 Books. It’s whatever Nickelodeon wants.

But that’s just me rambling my speculations as I await some more concrete news at Comic Con today.

Let’s all just be happy with what we now know: Book 3 and Book 4 of The Legend of Korra are confirmed.


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  1. The picture is “real”..or is a fan art ??? 😛

  2. Thanks 🙂 …but why bolin is barefoot??? that surprise me 😛

  3. Its the Beatles Abbey road poster cover, lol

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