The Making of The Legend of Korra Premieres Today

Well today’s the day: You won’t have to hear me rambling about my Legend of Korra speculations and opinions. We get actual news.

Have you ever wondered about all the “Behind the Scenes” action involved in The Legend of Korra? If you have, today is your lucky day. At 9 PM Eastern Time, Nickelodeon will air their Legend of Korra special called Korra: Making of a Legend.

The special will last until July 20th and it will essentially run an episode of The Legend of Korra each day in a “creators cut” format. Throughout the episode, we will hear commentary from Mike and Bryan themselves about the making of that specific episode.

This kind of stuff is right up my ally personally, so I know I’ll be watching it tonight. If you can’t get to watching it, I’ll have the episode posted here hopefully sometime tomorrow.

8 Responses

  1. well i didnt get to watch it will it be on the internet?

  2. Hey, sorry, I’m new to this site. I missed it last night. If you do upload the episode on here, where would I find it? Thanks!

    • Unfortunately it is apparently frowned upon for blogs such as mine to post streams to content such as Korra: Making of the Legend. But if you want to see the episode, google it.

      I know for a fact that Nick puts the episodes on their site as they air so you’ll definitely find them. That’s how I watch them 🙂

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