The Legend of Korra Book 2 Speculation: Character Development

This is a series where we speculate everything there is to know about Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. We have currently covered speculation on the book’s setting. Today we focus on the book’s character development.

Character development is what essentially makes us love the characters of the Avatar World so much. Over the years, Mike and Bryan have done such a phenomenal job developing their characters and giving them the personalities that we have learned to fall in love with. Aang was molded into a much more peaceful character while Korra was molded into a more aggressive character.

In The Last Airbender, almost every main character introduced was developed into a seemingly life-like person. That’s why we cared so much about their relationships: They seemed real to us. So far, Mike and Bryan have developed their characters fairly well in The Legend of Korra, but they still have a long way to go with a few of them.

What may not be apparent is that this should be expected: After all, Book 1 of The Legend of Korra was absent of all filler episodes, thus only containing 12 total episodes. And under the circumstances of only having 12 episodes, Mike and Bryan truly did a great job of developing as many characters as they could. But with 14 more episodes coming for sure, Book 2 will look to develop all the Legend of Korra characters into likable real-life characters as we had in the end of The Last Airbender.

One specific character that needs work is Mako. Mako certainly had the looks of an awesome character but he ended up becoming a tad bit annoying. His confusion as to whether he liked Korra or Asami composed him for most of the season and made him a bit dull. From start to finish, respectively, Mako went from being a jerk to being someone that was just OK. And being just ‘OK’ is not enough, especially for a main character. But that’s why we have a Book 2: To further develop the characters and the plot line. The one thing Mako needs the most of is personality. And because 14 more episodes are coming with Mako’s head (finally) in the right place, I think he’ll turn out to be a more likeable character in the end.

One character I can’t wait to see developed is Tenzin’s brother, (Aang’s son) Bumi. He only had one line and one appearance in the season (WAHOOO!), but I fell in love with him immediately. He looks to be almost the opposite of Tenzin, so that makes me very excited (I find Tenzin boring, but I still like him). Bumi will definitely be a wild one and I can’t wait to get to know him in Book 2.

Bottom Line Prediction: Book 2 will develop all the main characters significantly more in order to make them more likable and life-like, specifically Mako and Bumi.

5 Responses

  1. Thank goodness, this is exactly my thought process too. Season 1 primarily spent it’s time establishing the radically new world Korra is part of. And there was literally almost no filler as stated in the article. So now it’s on to season 2. I’ll be keeping a close ear to the ground about character development and how they treat the spiritual aspect in this new modern setting.

  2. Ok, did u just said u❤Bumi… AWKWARD he seems cool & all but really that was a shock!!

  3. I have a theory on more character development for Book 2. As we know, Book 2 will be visiting more of the Spirit World. At least from what we’ve seen in A:TLA, bending is not possible in the Spirit World. Couldn’t this be a potential problem for Korra?

    After all, she has had problems with the fact that she couldn’t bend. For example, she was shocked that she couldn’t bend after being chi-blocked, afraid of Amons’s ability to take away bending, and essentially felt a loss of identity as the Avatar when she lost her ability to bend the elements. She also tended to rely on her bending abilities to get what she wanted, so more reason for her to have been afraid of Amon.

    Therefore, if Korra visits the Spirit World and realizes she can’t bend, how would she react? I wonder if she will be forced to work through problems patiently and thoughtfully instead of through impulsive actions. Not to say that she didn’t make any progress in Book 1, what with meditating and going into the Avatar State, but I’d still say she has a long way to go. The way she was abusing (for lack of a better term) the Avatar State in the airbending races against the kids points to clear character development for her in Book 2. Soooo, maybe the Spirit World’s features will help Korra in ways, too.

    Just a thought. Thanks 😀 Your blog is just pure awesome.

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