Two Screen Shots of The Legend of Korra: Book 2 Revealed

Two screen shots of Book 2 of The Legend of Korra have surfaced and they both provide some interesting insight on the second book in the series. The first picture (above) depicts a smiling Korra and Asami standing in a desert-like setting in front of a tall building. By the looks of the building, the architecture looks to be similar to that of a Fire Nation building (the building is red, too). This could suggest that the setting of this picture is the Fire Nation itself, meaning Book 2 will not be solely set in Republic City.

I recently wrote a prediction article suggesting that the setting of Book 2 of The Legend of Korra could be outside of Republic City. This image could very well confirm that theory. Other than that, we can confirm that Asami does stick around with Team Avatar despite her tensions with Korra and Mako.

The second image released, however, is a bit harder to decipher.

As you can see, the second image is essentially a montage of screens from a Legend of Korra Book 2 episode. We can see screens of Korra bending, Meelo being…Meelo, and Tenzin.

This is our first plausible evidence of Book 2’s content. Recent rumors have suggested Book 2’s title and release date.

3 Responses

  1. In the second one it looked like she might be blood ending =/

  2. I think that in the first pic Asami is teaching Korra how to drive. Korra looks happy/eager and Asami… well it’s really hard to tell what her expression is cuz she’s far away… but judging by the look on her face and eyebrows.. probably slightly annoyed?? idk for sure. But I’m just surprised that Asami is even working with Korra.. I thought she would be horribly mad at her for stealing her BF… must have gotten over it by now.

    As of the second picture: I am positive that Korra is Airbending. Meelo looks silly… he’s probably “fartbending” or making some sort of remark. And I guess Tenzin and Jinora are discussing something.

    Oh and here’s some other info on season two just thought you might wanna here this:

    -Book 2 is called Spirit

    -Book 2 takes place 6 months after Book 1

    -The Book begins with a festival in the Southern Water Tribe

    -The Southern Water Tribe has been rebuilt just like the Norhtern One

    -Each member the group gets polar outfits.

    -The Southern Air Temple and other ancient Air Temple sites WILL be visited.

    -Asami has taken over Future Industries, and has a business outfit

    -More info on Kya? her favorite song is “Secret Tunnel”, she’s a bit of a hippy and
    she has a special bond with Jinora

    -Kya and Bumi also get winter garb.

    -We will meet Unarock, Korra’s Uncle, who is the Chief of the Norhtern Tribe.

    -We will meet Unarock’s twins, a boy and a girl.

    -We’ll find out more about Korra’s family, and about the history of the different tribes.

    -There’s no shortage of spirits this season.

    -Mako is a cop.

    -Bolin will get a love interest. (Whether its Asami, Korra, or someone new is unknown)

    -Bolin still plays for the Fire Ferrets’ pro-bending team


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