Amon’s Identity was Actually Confirmed in January

The season finale of The Legend of Korra aired this passed weekend and it certainly exceeded my expectations. We did not cover the final two episodes as much as we hoped, since I was out of state this past weekend with no computer access, but pre-episode coverage does not matter too much in my opinion. In the end, it doesn’t matter how many write-ups you read or trailers you watch: It’s the final product that matters. But that was the past, and right now we have a few things ahead of us. One of them being a real head smacker: Amon’s identity was actually revealed in January, and we knew about it.

We even covered it in a blog post back in January. IMDB announced many months back that a new character known as Teenage Noatak was casted. Since we new little about the show in January, we just assumed that Teenage Noatak would be some character we’d see throughout the series. Little did we know that Teenage Noatak would actually be the identity of the notorious villain Amon. It’s so sad that the question fans have had for months was actually answered months before the show even premiered (Note to Self: Review ALL confirmed characters before Book 2).

Stick around for Book 2, folks. I plan on making it my mission to figure out Book 2 (possibly titled Spirit) before the finale airs…as long as all the pieces are in play as they were for Book 1.

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