Rumor: Legend of Korra Book 2 to be Called ‘Spirit’

Update: If you are here looking for a potential release date for Book 2 of The Legend of Korra, check out our prediction here.

The latest Legend of Korra rumor on the web is that Book 2 (or Season 2) of The Legend of Korra will be titled ‘Spirit’.

Since Book 1 of The Legend of Korra is winding down, I naturally began to have thoughts about Book 2. The question that lingered in my head the most was what the book’s title would be.

In Avatar: The Last Airbender, seasons 1-3 were titled Water, Earth and Fire respectively because Aang had to learn to bend those elements in that order. Since Korra only has to learn Air Bending, Book 1 is titled Air. But when all of the bending disciplines are supposedly mastered after Book 1, what will Book 2 be called?

That’s when I came across this rumor and began to get very excited for events to come.

It’s no secret that Avatar Korra is unlike Avatar Aang. Aang was much more in touch with his spiritual side while Korra is much more in touch with her physical side. But since the Avatar is the bridge between the physical world and the spirit world, it’s extremely important for Korra to become more spiritual.

That’s where Book 2 comes in.

If the title of Book 2 is indeed ‘Spirit’, the season may turn out to be similar to a season from The Last Airbender: More meditation, peacefulness, and FINALLY, the Avatar State. That certainly calls for a lot of action.

Unfortunately, It is also rumored that Book 2 won’t air until 2013. Sigh.

61 Responses

  1. Why must we wait so long?!?!?!?

  2. Spirit is not an element and therefore makes no sense as a titel. According to wikipedia it´s gonna be metal.

    • Thanks for the info, but this was simply a rumor. Nothing official here.

      And just as a friendly reminder, I wouldn’t put too much faith in Wikipedia. Anyone can change that content; heck, I could change book 2’s title to Spirit if I wanted and throw the fan base for a loop.

    • Actually I heard that Mike and Bryan said it was called Spirit

      • That’s a good title for book two. Personally, I think Book 3 should be called “Specials” (as in metal, lightning and bloodbending), and Book 4 should be called either “The Avatar State”, or “Journey”, referring to Korra’s Journey around the bending world or mastering the Avatar state.

    • And who says each book HAS to be named after an element? Pretty sure no one did. Spirit is clearly the most logical choice; it’s the only piece of being the Avatar that Korra hasn’t trained in.

      • I agree with you… A 14-episode book on metal would be too much, and since it is linked to earth, it would be as calling a book blood or lightening… Another would be to call it Ether… but it doesn’t fit anywhere in the Avatar mythology.

        The only thing I blame the “Spirit” book for is it would logically be the last entry in the Avatar mythology and… I don’t think I could handle it!! =I

    • well actually in some tradition Spirit or ether is in the middle and fire, water, earth and air, are in directional support of the center or one could look at it as the spirit supports teh existance of each of the other four elements … just a thought.

    • well you cant really trust wikipedia you can change everything on there. The only good thing bout wiki are the pictures. Anyway i only use wikipedia if i really know th subjest im looking up.

    • to learn true elements.. spirit is essential n it does count.. ur argument is invalid..

  3. would be awesome tho.. and btw she already kinda went in avatar trance 😀

    • Yeah this was written before the finale so I had no idea she would get into the Avatar State so fast lol 🙂

      But based on thr finale’s ending, it doesn’t seem like book 2 will be called spirit because Korra pretty much became spiritual already. Other rumors state that the book could be titled metal, but no one is exactly sure.

      We will just have to wait and see! Thanks for the comment.

  4. sorry *avatar state .. lol

  5. I hope it comes on before 2013. I can ‘t wait to see what’s in store for Makko and Korra!!!!!

  6. i saw one website title book two: energy, but im not too sure about that…i just cant wait for it to come out! Is it definitively coming out, or is there a chance that it might be cancelled or something? cause that would suck

    • Book 2 is confirmed and it is already in he makings. So don’t worry about the possibly of it being cancelled, it most definitely NOT be cancelled.

  7. Well if Amon is dead…. which is a pssabillty and most likely. you would have to be like really powerfull or something like that to be able to survive a blast that big…. 😛 so is Amon is dead then what is gonna be the purpose of book 2? coz if Korra is just mastering her spirit side then i think it would be kind of boring there has to be some sort of evilness in it ot something really serous happens like the fate of the world is in Korra hands… i dunno. and ideas?

    • i hoping amon dont dead it would be a nice plot twist plus he was in the water and that his element so it would make sense if he does die on the other hand it could make the series long and boring due to the fact that it is going to be the same bad guy coming back from his watery grave literally:)

      • i think you all forgot the evil spirit in the original series with aang, i think his name was Ko or something the “face stealer”

  8. I agree, but SERIOUSLY i hve 2 wait like a hundred years 4 book 2,2 start… but i hear its starting like in final 2012 or early 2013

  9. i wish they would teach the avatar to use lightning or metal bending

  10. So Book Two.. do we see the return of Azula/descendants, is what I’m curious about 🙂 That’d be so epic.

    • We probably won’t see the return of Azula because they plan on revealing what happens to Azula in this new Avatar Comic Series called The Search. From what we know so far, Azula has been put into a mental asylum. And we’ll learn more about her once the comic is released.

  11. what happend to zuko;s mother?just super duper curios =))

    • i dyeing to know what happen to his mother maybe the new oroh will mention it later on in the series that would be sweet

      • Well you should get the comic book the promise One, two and three aang and Katara call each other sweetie. they also mention it in “the search” it is a comic book about what happened to aang and Katara after aang defeated Zuko’s Dad. read this after “the promise”

  12. Ya me to. I’ve been dying to hear that story! And when will this Avatar Series about Azula start?

    I think Amon has survived somehow. Aang has been fighting the firelord for 3 seasons right? I’m sure Amon thought of something.

    • Off course he survived. he probably bloodbended his brothers hand before he could blow up the boat, jumps of, swims away, and lets him die

      • Hmm, I don’t think so. I thought the ending was fitting, and should be left like that. Amon wouldn’t be a realistic enemy anymore, as he can’t be of much harm anymore. His supplies from Hiroshi Sato are gone, Korra can now bring back any removed Bending and I don’t think Tarrlok would’ve let Amon taken the better of him in that boat.

        I do wonder what new enemy they will be facing, though.

      • he didn’t know what his brother was about to do you nobhead!

  13. I heard a rumor saying that book 2 was titled as energy.

  14. I don’t think any ones happy about waiting til 2013 for book 2 of legend of korra

  15. there will be book3 and book4

  16. only book 3

  17. OMG, DO WE HAVE TO WAIT SO LONG!!! I’m so excited for season 2 because, since it’s called ‘Spirit’, she might connect to aang and avatar aang will tell her what has been happening over the years, and we might just figure out about kataang’s daughter and Firelord zuko’s family.

  18. Korro is a WAPTER BENDER.

  19. Book 2 is called spirit for shore and it is a fact that there wil come a book 3 & 4.
    That bullshit about energy and metal is nonsense!

  20. i think book two should have to do with pro bending. like world bending match with the fire ferrets and another kick a** team thats like unbeatable.

  21. I think the advanced bending style for air benders would be sound bending! Tenzin could show Korra how to dubstep bend!haha seriously though, that would be a rad advanced form of bending!

  22. this is a funking shit ass hole idea. i mean why can’t you make it now, and stop making people wait for nothing. hm stupid assholes.

  23. the order of the original season wasnt just because aang was learning them but because that is the natural cycle of the avatar therefore the next book should be titled water and i hope they do to stay true to the lore

  24. Is it Spirit of Spirits? I’ve heard both.

  25. i had no idea there would be a BOOK 4! usually there are only 3 books, this is quite surprising. i never want the avatar series to end. We have to be persistent and doting fans if they are to keep making more episodes and books 🙂 all i was wondering is what will happen to Bo Lin will he find a girlfriend i wonder 😛

  26. Will they show who is the father of Lin Beifong?

  27. apprantly its coming out in April or something…:P

  28. i cann’t believe we’ll have 2 wait for forty years for avatar book 2.i just wish it has book 1&2.

  29. I planning to review season 2 of The Legend of Korra on my blog:

    I’m hoping Amon survives that boat explosion as it wouldn’t do his character justice to die like that.

  30. To be honest I could care less about Book 2’s release date, since I saw the first season and strongly disliked it. I hate Korra. Yes she is physically strong and no she is not emotionally strong. She gets upset and angry when people hate or even disprove of her. She constanly whines and throws fits when everything does not go her way. She is an ugly tomboy girl who makes fun of other girls that are pretty and not afraid to show their feminine side, as she called Asami “A prissy beautiful elegeant rich girl”. Korra only liked Asami when she displayed her talent in driving cars and kicking equalist butt. Another thing that bothered me is that even though Korra knew Asami was with Mako she still loved Mako and had to steal him from Asami. Aww, that’s just to bad that Korra so desperately needs to be with her precious, handsome, dreamy, firebender, Mako and the heck with how Asami feels. Korra would be displayed as a much stronger character if she didn’t constantly worry about getting with some boy that’s already with someone else. Strong characters try to figure who they are and not let anyone put them down. Korra was put down by the fact that Mako didn’t like her at first (oh BOO- HOO), as shown in “The Spirit of Competition” when she said that she didn’t feel date worthy. Another thing that annoyed me was when Korra kissed Mako in that very episode when she knew that he was with Asami. Korra could not just let go of Mako and face the fact that he is with someone else and just because she’s th Avatar doesn’t mean she is going to get e verything that she wants. Oh, I forgot to mention one more thing, she had very little consideration for non-benders. Her personal belief was that benders are above all non-benders. When Korra lost water, earth, and firebending. She cried like a baby, and could not just look at the fact that she still had AIRBENDING! I didn’t see Lin cry like a baby after she lost her earthbending and she had much more of a reason to cry than Korra since Lin had no bending whatsoever and Korra at least had airbending. HAVING SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN HAVING NOTHING! Korra does not diserve to be the Avatar she diserves to have the crapped kicked out of her.

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