Amon is Much More Powerful than Previously Thought

In yesterday’s episode of The Legend of Korra, Amon had confirmed himself to be the main antagonist of the season. Over the course of the past few weeks, Amon and his role as the villain did come into question when Tarrlock captured Korra and revealed his illegal ability to blood bend.

But all this talk of Tarrlock being the ‘real villain’ came to a halting stop when Amon proved that he was much more than a ‘non-bending’ Equalist leader.

In episode 9 ‘Out of the Past’, we confirmed two things about Amon: He actually has the ability to take away bending and he is unaffected by blood bending.

The first ability is not unheard of; Tenzin confirmed that Avatars’ generally have this ability, but what doesn’t make sense is how Amon acquired this ability. The latter ability, however, is unheard of. As far as we know, Amon is neither affected nor bothered by blood bending.

This is where Amon’s character turns from being an average non-bender with a mask to a complete and utter freak. If you think about it scientifically, blood bending allows water benders to control the fluids in someone’s body to control that person. Because Amon is not affected by blood bending, either he has some sort of mystical power or he does not have any fluids in his body, which could possibly make him non-human.

Either way, one thing about Amon is for certain: He should not be messed around with. If he can defeat notorious gang leaders and blood benders with ease, he’s obviously not the pretty pony with a mask that I thought he was. He’s the real deal.

The season finale for Season 1 of The Legend of Korra will air in two weeks. Amon will be defeated at some point, as these shows just have a knack for happy endings. The real question is how.

4 Responses

  1. actually yesh he is affected but he fights it off u can see in the video he had some trouble taking the first few step soo yeee

  2. One thing I would like to point out is that the only one (before Amon) who could ever remove bending is Aang. He gained this ability thus adding it to the future avatars, to bend the mind and soul.
    Sorry ifthis sounds like I’m being a smart-aleck, but I have OCD about stuff like this…

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