‘The Legend of Korra’ Episode 8 ‘When Extremes Meet’ Recap


Episode 8 of The Legend of Korra takes place almost directly after episode 7. Since Asami, Mako and Bolin are no longer welcome in Hiroshi Sato’s mansion, the episode starts off by showing the gang move into their new home: Air Temple Island.

As the gang begins to settle in, Tenzin announces that Lin Bei Fong has officially resigned from her duty as Chief Officer of Republic City. Once the news is heard, Tenzin and the gang decide to go down to City Hall to see the new Chief Officer, who explains that the police force will essentially be working with Tarlock to dismantle the Equalist Regime.

Korra is not happy with this.

After the gang leaves City Hall, they eventually have a small run in with a few Equalist Members. Team Avatar makes quick work of the enemies, but a much more serious threat arrives afterwards.

Tarlock makes his way to the scene, infuriated, and explains that the Gang wrongly intervened in police affairs. Tarlock threatens Korra and tells her to stay out of the way while the police force takes care of the Equalist.

After Tarlock leaves the scene, he travels to City Hall and has a new law passed that essentially creates a curfew for all non-benders. He uses this law to unjustly arrest a large number of non-benders who stayed outside past their curfew.

Korra tries to help the innocent citizens but Tarlock forcefully arrests them along with Bolin, Mako and Asami. Tarlock then uses his police force as leverage to stop Korra from retaliating and saving her friends. Korra obliges and heads back to Air Temple Island.

When Korra later decides to confronts Tarlock, she pretty much beats him to a pulp initially, but Tarlock then retaliates with something we haven’t seen since The Last Airbender: Blood Bending.

Korra loses control of herself and is slammed to the ground and forced to watch Tarlock leave the vicinity untouched. The episode ends with a shot of a half-moon. In case this doesn’t mean anything to you, water benders can only blood bend during the full moon; Tarlok just did it under a half-moon.

This means that Tarlock is far stronger than we think. Maybe even more powerful than Amon, who’s presence in the show has greatly deteriorated since the start of the season. From what I see, Amon is currently a joke of an enemy compared to Tarlock. If Tarlock so desired, he could blood blend Amon out of Republic City and force him join the circus.

No competition whatsoever.

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