‘Legend of Korra’ Episode 10 to be Titled ‘Turning the Tides’

The XFinity television guide has officially revealed the title of the 10th Legend of Korra episode. Episode 10 will be titled ‘Turning the Tides,

We should be able to do some speculation on the episode once we either see episode 9 or find a description of episode 10.

But for now we’re in the dark.

Update: The description for the episode has been released VIA TV Guide:

Republic City gets bombarded by the Equalists.

5 Responses

  1. wikipedia and avatar wiki say the the Equalist will attack Republic City

  2. legend of korra is almost here i love my saturdays so much and also cant wait to the episode out of the past to come.!!!!!!!!!

  3. Did you all guy see when tarlock toke korra to the mountains and then i heared that tahno is going to help look for korra also i wounder what happen to naga korras pet this id just getting better and better for each episode !!!!!!!!!!!!

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