Dry Spell Discussion & Funny ‘Legend of Korra’ Animation

Despite the fact that we haven’t had a new The Legend of Korra episode in more than a week, the massive load of recently leaked Korra news has served as a nice substitute. We learned the title of the 8th episode of The Legend of Korra. We analyzed a leaked picture and found the setting of the 8th episode. And we even dug up the title of the 9th episode of The Legend of Korra thanks to the XFinity television guide.

By the way, all of this news surfaced early last week.

It is now the Tuesday of our second week without The Legend of Korra and we have just hit a dry spell of relevant news. But I guess it makes sense when you find the title of, not one, but two future Korra episodes within a span of several days (That’s not normal).

However, a dry spell is not going to keep me from entertaining avid Korra fans. So I present to you the Avatar version of good old fashion humor. Please enjoy this animated clip I found that pokes fun at an already entertaining scene in The Legend of Korra (Hit ‘Read More’ to see it).

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