Amon Could be Faking his Energy Bending

During ‘The Legend of Korra’ episode 3 entitled ‘The Revelation’, we saw Amon gather all the anti-benders in Republic City together in a large room where he demonstrated his Energy Bending ability

However the strange thing about this is that only the Avatar has the ability to Energy Bend.

One possibility that could become a reality is that Amon is not really Energy Bending. When Amon said that the sprites gave him the power to Energy Bend, I knew he was lying. When Avatar Aang learned to Energy Bend, he learned it through a Lion Turtle.

Avatar Aang never went to the spirit world to learn how to Energy Bend, therefore it doesn’t make sense for the spirits to have given Amon the power to Energy Bend. Spirits and Energy Bending don’t go hand-in-hand. But Energy bending and Lion Turtles do.

My theory is that Amon knows a special chi-blocking technique that takes away Bending for an extended period.

Only the Avatar can Energy Bend. And unless Amon is some sort of sub-Avatar (which is impossible), he must be faking his Energy Bending.

8 Responses

  1. Also some people says he had his second hand on a other spot than avatar aang dit in the last episode of last airbender

  2. The lion turtle used energybending why can’t Amon the lionturtle using energybending proves that not only the avatar can bend chi

  3. My theory: Koe the face stealer gave Amon his abilities. We know Koe has the ability to interact with the physical world, thats to Aang’s chat with Avatar Kuruk, and I always felt Koe was made a bid deal of then never refered back to. I think Koe may have made a deal with Amon; spirit bending in exchange for his face, hence the mask.

  4. No. People think amon was the avatar because aang died in the first series when azula struck him with lightning and then he got revived. Or, since amon can blood bend, he blocked the connection between the elements and the human by bloodbending.

  5. Guys amon is tarloks brother Noatak who uses blood bending to take away bending but when he used it on korra it was temporary and then she air bended so your theory is wrong how do you feel!

  6. Season 2 Focal Point:



    That’s going to be the series plot next season. More “Amons” are coming.

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